15 most useful Facebook features for marketers

Anna Bredava
by Anna Bredava on May 21, 2019

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, despite being more scandalous than Britney in the 2000s. With almost 2.4 billion monthly active users, it is the most popular social network worldwide. No wonder social media marketers focus so much on the platform: excluding Gen Z, Facebook gives you the chance to reach any demographic you wish to influence.

The network understands its value for brands and businesses and offers a large number of tools to help you promote, advertise, and sell on Facebook. Some of them are there in the plain sight for you to take on right away, but some are hidden in Settings or simply not mentioned that much in the Facebook marketing community. That doesn’t mean that they don’t matter!

Even small things can completely change our marketing experience. We all know how to create a perfect Facebook ad, but do you know how to easily filter out fake accounts that liked your page? Find out in this blog post!

Facebook content hacks

Prioritize valuable relevant content

Facebook is not just a place to post and promote your brand, it can be a great platform for content discovery and inspiration as well. Of course, you create your own news feed, and it’s only you who decides whether you’ll see valuable tips or cat videos when you log in the platform. But most of us want to see both: how do we do that without turning our feed in the big old mess?

Unfortunately, Facebook has shut down one of the most useful features for this task: curated Feed lists. However, there’s still a way to make sure you see relevant content in your timeline. You can change your news feed preferences to see the posts from pages you are interested in first. Simply go to your News Feed preferences and choose the people and pages you want to get the updates from. There, you can also unfollow pages and friends or reconnect with the pages you unfollowed before.

Save relevant content with "Save post"

Let’s say you optimized your feed to see the content that inspires or, perhaps, content you wish to share to your own page. How do you keep track of all this content?

With Facebook’s “Save” feature, of course. You can save any post you want to get back to later: links, place, videos, pictures and so on. All you need to do is click the three dots in the corner of the post and click Save post in the dropdown menu.

You can access all the saved posts in the Explore tab to the left of your news feed. There you can search saved posts and even create collections with different posts.

Search published posts for specific phrases and insights

Now that we’ve dealt with someone else’s content, let’s take a look at your own. Sometimes I need to find a particular post I made ages ago, or, for example, if I’ve posted anything similar to what I’m planning to post. To do this, you can go to Publishing Tools right next to your Insights, select Published Posts and search them by a keyword or a phrase.

You can see the reach and engagement on the posts, so this will be useful guidance on whether you should publish similar content or go with something else.

Filter your page posts by type

But what about the posts that don’t contain any words, for example, images without captions? Or, maybe, you don’t even remember how you captioned a particular video or image, but you really need to know when you posted it.

For this, you will need to go to Activity Log in the left corner of the Settings sidebar.

Here you can filter posts by type (video, image, or polls) and also see the comments you posted and other people’s posts to your timeline.

Find music for your videos

Facebook is famously strict on copyrights and instantly mutes any video that contains copyrighted music. Luckily, you don’t need to browse royalty free music libraries, you can download a background melody for your video right from Facebook!

You can access Facebook’s music library in the Publishing Tools of your page. On the left sidebar, under Tools, you will see Sound Collection. There you have thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects at your disposal. Note that these are only pre-cleared for Facebook and Instagram usage.

Facebook engagement hacks

Like a Facebook page as a brand

Liking pages on Facebook is one of the main ways to show your interest and support to other brands. However, it might not make sense to like your partners’ pages or influencers’ pages from your personal page — after all, you want them to notice your brand, not you. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to like a page as your page.

In order to like another brand from your business page, go to the page you want to like and click the three dots under their header. In the dropdown menu, select “Like As Your Page”.

Interact with posts from the right profile

Do you ever like a post on your page from the Page's account when you meant to do it from the personal one? Or worse, left a comment from your personal account when you were answering a question to your brand? Then you know how annoying it can be having to switch between your personal profiles and the pages you manage every time you want to interact with your page.

To save time, you can select to always post either from your personal account or as your business page. To do that, go to Page settings and click Post attribution on the left sidebar.

Here you can choose to either interact and post as your Business Page or as your personal profile by default. When you're creating or replying to a post, you will still have the option to post as another profile or page.

Phase out fake accounts among your fans

Facebook, just as other social media platforms, really doesn’t like when you have lots of followers and fans who don’t really engage with your page at all. And do you know who these inactive followers usually are? Bots and fake accounts.

To see the list of your Facebook Page fans, go to Settings and click on People and other Pages. You will immediately see everyone who followed and liked your Page. To make sure you don’t get too many fake followers, go through your recent likes to check if there are any bots or click farms among them.

Obviously, you won’t be able to eliminate all the fake followers completely once and for all, but this should be enough to win over Facebook’s algorithm.

Welcome new Group members

Facebook has been putting a lot of emphasis on Groups, and appropriately, it gives a lot of tools to Group managers. To make sure the new Group members don’t get lost and start contributing right away, write a personalized welcome post for them.

You can do that by simply going to your Group and clicking Write Post on the right sidebar.

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Acknowledge the most active Group members

Active members are the people who post, comment and react to your posts the most often in your Group. You might already have a hunch who these people are, but it’s so much better to have data to support your hunches!

Go to Group insights and check out More member details tab. Here you’ll see top contributors in the previous 28 days and what their contribution was. Now you can thank your top contributors or publicly acknowledge them in the group, encouraging them and others to do more of the same!

Turn post likes into Page fans

Facebook is a great place to go viral: people are ready to share the content that impacted them with their friends to discuss it. But your job as a social media marketer shouldn’t stop at getting a boost in reactions and comments.

If you want to get a long-lasting impact from your viral post, ask people that reacted to it to like your page. Facebook makes this extremely easy to do. Just click on the reactions under your post to see a popup with all the people who reacted to it. From there you can invite them to like your Page.

Facebook Ads hacks

Research and segment audiences

Facebook has a ton of audience data (which they often get criticized for) but it can be quite difficult to access. If you want to research audience segments, Audience Insights is a perfect tool for you. You can find it in your Ads Manager.

There you get access to the demographic and user behaviour data. You have a set of filters to choose from if you want to research people on Facebook, or you can select to research the followers of your Page.

You can also research which Facebook pages an audience with specific interests (for example, cycling) would like. You can find this information in the Page Likes tab. These insights can help you figure out the right audience for your ads.

Create ads from existing posts

We always hope that our posts will perform well, but sometimes they perform extremely well! In this case, it’s always a good idea to put some money behind it to reach more audiences — but simple Boost can be lacking. Luckily, you can turn an already published post into an ad, skipping all the limitations of a boosted post.

To do this, you need to create the campaign in Ads Manager setting up targeting and bidding as you do. Then, when you get to the creative part, click on the Use Existing Post tab. Here you can choose the post you want to turn into an ad.

Run split tests

You should always test out your ad before launching a costly campaign. When you create a campaign in Ads Manager, make sure you select the Create Split Test checkbox.

There, you can also select what exactly you want to split test: Creative, Audience, or Placement. This will slightly affect the options you are given during the campaign set up: if, for example, you’re split testing the audiences your ad is shown to, the options for selecting your ad targeting will reflect this.

Facebook lets you split your budget evenly across all tests or weight it.

Monitor your competitors' Ads

In an effort to introduce more transparency around Ads, Facebook lets users see all the ads a Business Page is running. This is good news for anyone who wants to learn more about their competitors’ advertising strategy on Facebook.

To see your competitor’s ads, go to the competitor’s Page and click Page Transparency on the right sidebar.

You will get a popup with various info on their Page and go to the Ad Library to see all the ads they are currently running. You can also search Ad Library directly by a Page name to find the ads from your competitor.

In conclusion

As we learned from the F8 conference, Facebook is planning A LOT of changes to their platform in the future. But even now there are new and exciting ways to use the platform to your brand’s advantage that not many people are aware of. I hope you've learnt a trick or two and will successfully use them in the future!

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