Awario vs Mention: Detailed Comparison & Review

This review is looking at two popular social listening tools — Awario and Mention — side by side to figure out which one is better.
Awario and Mention are both social listening tools that cover multiple aspects of social media marketing: brand monitoring, competitive analysis, influencer marketing, online reputation management, and others. We've tested both tools to see how good each one is in every aspect, what you can use them for, and which one would be the best fit for you.
Each app's sidebar displays alerts you have along with the number of mentions each alert includes. An active alert in Mention is divided into the following folders: Inbox, Unread, Priority, Favorites, Archive, Trash, and Spam. Awario additionally has the Leads alert and Reports sections in the sidebar.
Here's a key features comparison.
Free trial
In-app interactions
(likes, replies, shares, etc.)
Boolean search
Starts with the Custom plan
Sentiment analysis
Starts with the Starter plan
Historical data Unlimited for all plans Starts with the Custom plan
Real-time mention search
Starts with the Starter plan
Sales prospecting
Users 10 for Pro, Unlimited for Enterprise Unlimited starting from Pro Plus
Data export Starts with the Pro plan Starts with the Custom plan
White-labelling Starts with the Enterprise plan
Language filter
Country filter
Mobile app
Email notifications
Account manager Only for Enterprise users Starts with the Enterprise plan
The best social listening software is a product that can fit your company's unique needs. Here are the most common parameters users consider when picking a social media monitoring tool.
Mention has the iOS/Android mobile apps and the ability to share account access between team members which isn't available in Awario yet. However, Awario enables you to engage with mentions right from the feed. You can reply, like, share them, etc. Awario offers unlimited historical web data, Influencers reports, and Boolean search for all users, while Mention has it in the Custom plan only.
Value for money
Awario offers 3 plans, plus the possibility to create a Custom one. Mention has 2 subscription plans — one for individuals and one for small companies — and the Custom plan for larger companies, where you can choose any number of mentions you'd like to receive monthly. On average, you'll get 1 932 mentions for $1 with Awario, while Mention will give you only 137 mentions for a dollar. As you can see, with Awario you get 10 times more mentions. Unlike Mention, Awario offers Boolean search and historical data for each plan, not only the Custom one.
To measure the performance rates of both services, we've entered the same 3 keywords in each platform: "Airbnb", "", and "TripAdvisor". At the very start Mention returned 1 272 mentions, while Awario showed 1 705. After 1 day, Awario found 150 000 mentions (reached the mentions per alert limit, but was still getting new mentions and replacing the old ones), and Mention showed 50 032 mentions. This test illustrates that Awario produces more results at the start as well as in the long run.
Online reputation management
You can do online reputation management with both tools by tracking negative reviews about your brand or company. However, with Awario you can also interact with mentions right from the app. You can reply, comment, and share them. You're also able to like mentions or follow the author. Don't forget that you can act on behalf of several accounts at the same time if you connect to them in the project settings.
Competitive analysis
Both Awario and Mention are well-tailored for competitive analysis. You can add 1 competitor in the Solo plan and up to 4 competitors in the Starter plan with Mention. Awario is more flexible in this case. First, you can create an alert for each competitor within one project. But if you don't have enough available alerts for all your competitors, there's still a workaround for that. Create one alert and enter an unlimited amount of keywords. This way, all your competitors will be stored in one place.
Influencer marketing
Searching for influencers is an in-built feature for all Awario users. The top influencers for each alert may be found in Awario's Dashboard widget. It includes links to the influencers' profiles, which makes it easier to reach out to them. There are also Influencers reports which are available for all users as well. If you have a Pro or an Enterprise plan, you get the ability to share these reports via Awario's cloud service. Mention offers a handy Influencers dashboard, which is, however, available starting from the Starter plan only.
Social selling
Mention doesn't offer any special sales prospecting features. Still, you can search for leads if you add "recommend" or similar phrases along with the keywords you want to track. On the contrary, Awario has a special module for finding hot leads. All you need to do is fill in your brand name, the description of your product, and your competitors.
Ease of use
The process of creating a project is pretty straightforward for both platforms. To create one in Mention, you need to provide your company's name and at least one of your competitors. In Awario, you can either provide the brand name, your product description information, and your competitors, or create an empty project. If you choose the second option, you will be able to create separate mentions with custom settings. The UI of both Mention and Awario is intuitive and user-friendly — you can easily find everything you need and navigate to any part of the app with a couple of clicks.

It would be smart to choose Awario if you are about to engage with your potential customers. Awario is more flexible, and by that I mean you can have unlimited amount of keywords within one alert, unlimited historical data, and a Boolean search mode available for every user.

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