Creating your first alert in Awario

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There is a lot AWARIO can do for you, from monitoring what your customers say about you and your competitors, to following the news about any topic in any industry. Simply choose what you would like to monitor to get to the next step.
Now, depending on the type of alert you're creating, enter keywords you would like to monitor. You can add up to 5 keywords per alert and up to 10 alerts in your Trial Plan.
If you go to 'more settings' you can insert negative keywords to eliminate the words that you don't want to see in your mentions.
One more useful feature in AWARIO is email notifications. AWARIO will search for your mentions 24/7 and send you a weekly or daily selection of fresh mentions.
You can check or uncheck any of the sources:
Add a website to monitor:
And name your alert:
Finally, to start monitoring mentions in real time, click on Get Mentions.

That was it! Now go and create your first alert!

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