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A real-time social media feed full of people who're looking for products like yours. Seriously.
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It's happening. As you're reading this, someone is probably typing a social media post along the lines of, "I'm looking for X services. Any recommendations?", where X is what your business does. Or, "I'm having problems with Y again. Anyone know any solid alternatives?", where Y, of course, is your main competitor. If only you had a way to discover these social selling opportunities and join the conversation…

Enter Awario Leads.

Describe your product and specify competitors.
Start with creating your first Awario project. Your Brand name will be used to create a mention monitoring alert. Product descriptions — 2- to 3-word phrases your potential customers are likely to use when seeking recommendations about your product — will be used to search for leads. For each of your Competitors, Awario will create a mention alert, plus use them to find leads complaining about competitors' service.
Let the algo do its magic.
First, Awario will create a mention monitoring alert for your brand and each of your competitors — but that's nothing new. To search for leads, the tool will combine your product descriptions and competitors' brand names with predictive insights to determine prospects who're seeking recommendations about a product or service like yours, along with competitor detractors who are unhappy about one of your rivals' product or service.
Engage, build relationships, close!
Navigate to the Leads module, and there you have it — a feed full of potential customers' queries, waiting for you to join the conversation. Feel free to tweak your Leads settings to make sure you're seeing exactly the results you want, and start engaging with leads by replying to posts publicly, or navigate to a prospect's social media profile to send them a direct message. The sky's the limit (as long as you're nice and non-intrusive, of course)!
Not sure if social selling is right for your business? Consider this: 84% C- and VP-level buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions. 78% of sales reps using social media as part of their lead generation process perform better than their peers. Thanks to social selling, IBM increased their sales by 400%.

Take your lead generation social.

Try Awario Leads with a free trial. No credit card required.