Leads settings overview

All you need to do to start with the Awario's Leads is click the Leads button in the left-side panel…

...and hit Turn Leads on.

You will see the Leads alert settings. Let’s start at the top. The first field is the Product description. Fill it with keywords describing what your company does. Think of the words your customers would use to talk about your services. Two- or three-word keywords work best. Try to use as many specific keywords as possible.

Next is the Competitors field. The more competitors you enter, the more leads Awario will find, as it will be looking for negative feedback on your competition.

If for some reason you don’t want to specify your competitors or product description, you can leave either of these fields blank.

In case the name of your brand or your competitors' is a common name (e.g. Apple), add a couple of words to the Excluded keywords field.

While in Beta, lead generation is available in English only. Other languages are coming soon.

If you want to get mentions from specific locations, you can specify them in the corresponding field. Be aware that not all posts from social media and not every website share their location, so in order to avoid losing mentions, make use of the Unknown option under the Location field. With location and this option applied, you’re likely to do some clean up of the feed once it's populated, but you definitely won’t lose any useful mentions.

To exclude certain sources from the search, uncheck them in the Sources field.

The Include historical data option enables you to see mentions posted within the specified timeframe. The Custom option lets you specify any from date (the to date will always be the current date).

If you need to ignore certain sources, you can hit the Blacklist button and choose sources or websites you want to blacklist, so that they don't appear in your feed (don’t forget to check out our complete guide on the Blacklist).

After editing the Leads settings, the dialogue box pops up, asking if you want to delete all existing mentions and start the search from scratch. Note that if you click Yes, you won’t be able to restore the mentions you delete.

If your business doesn’t require searching for leads and if you don’t want to waste your mentions (each plan has its own quotas, by the way), you can turn Leads off by clicking the corresponding button in the bottom left corner of the settings.

It can be difficult to create the perfect query right away. Sometimes you need to adjust your settings or play around with them in order to make your search more general or narrow it down a bit. If you need a hand with creating a Leads alert, you can always drop us a message.