Accurate data starts with accurate search queries.

Make social listening sharp-cut with Boolean search.

Set up an alert of any complexity and get the most relevant results.

Been coding since the age of 10? Never seen a line of code before? Doesn't matter to us: Boolean search for social listening offers both an easy search option and an advanced one.

Set up an alert in two clicks and let the program do the rest, or… take control: switch to Boolean search and create your ideal query from scratch. This is how you get the most precise data.

Monitor media while taking into account special symbols, upper/lower cases, etc.

Boolean search has different search modes, in which you can specify whether you want to take into account the keywords' word order, grammar form, special symbols, and upper/lower cases.

Specifying this will save you from loads of irrelevant mentions if you're searching for a keyword such as MORE & MORE or any abbreviation!

Specify how the keywords should be positioned in the text.

Choose how far away each of your keywords should be from each other in the text. Choose words that can't be in the text at all. Choose words that can be in the text, but only if they are N words away from your keyword.

Track your international brand in the most flexible way.

It's possible to specify the language of your results in the simple search. However, in the Boolean search you can specify the language of each of your keywords!

Define which URLs should (or shouldn't) appear in the mentions you're searching for.

For example, if you're aiming to improve your SEO, you can now easily find all mentions of your brand that don't link to your site, and start with link-building.

Learn how to do all of the above!
We promise, it's easy. Anyone can perform social listening with Boolean search: all you have to do is read our guide, and imagine you're a bit of a programmer. And while it may take a bit of time to write a precise query, the results will save you lots of effort in the future.
Start creating your new and better alerts today!