Discover the geolocation of
your mentions.

Location-based social listening will change the way you monitor social media, making it more relevant and more precise.

Find out the geolocation of your mentions.
  • Knowing where the conversation takes place can change the conversation. Don't miss a chance to get to know your audience better, get more leads through social selling, and find out more about your brand's reputation!
  • Location-based social listening checks the information in the social media post, in the author's information, and in the TLD/IP.
Get mentions only from locations you're interested in.
  • When creating an alert, choose the country(ies) of your target audience when entering the brand details. Irrelevant mentions will instantly jump to the minimum.
  • If you're a cool tech-minded user familiar with our Boolean Search option, use the new COUNTRY operator to get mentions from the chosen country(ies).
Where to find it: Click the icon to create the Alert and enter the details, including preferred location. To access Boolean search, click icon, then go to More settings > Boolean search.
Filter by location.
  • If you want to get mentions from multiple countries, but in a convenient way that shows which mentions come from which countries, use a location filter.
  • If you didn't select a country when creating the alert and are now being flooded with mentions from all over the world, also use a location filter.
Where to find it: Click on the icon above the Mentions feed to see the filtering options.
Include location in your analytics reports.
  • You'll now see a graph that shows the distribution of your mentions across countries as part of the beautiful, professional looking report.
  • You'll also see the distribution by language that wasn't there before!
Where to find it: go to Reports > Mentions Statistics to see the analytics reports.