Awario Education Program

Sign up for our Education Program and provide your students with field experience in social listening and analytics. Make use of real-world data from Awario in your classroom — for free.

You're in good company

Hundreds of schools around the world use Awario daily.

Introduce Awario to your students
to help them:

Get hands-on experience
in social media monitoring
Interpret social listening data
& turn it into usable insights
Master analytical skills
by conducting market and
competitor research
Boost employability
by learning to use social
listening and analytics tools

Who is eligible?

Educators actively involved in teaching a course that could lead to a career involving social data.
If you teach a marketing- or business-related course at a college or university, you're an ideal candidate for our Education Program. If the theme of your course is different, but you still feel you could use social listening in your program, please don't hesitate to apply as well.

What does the program include?

Within our Educational Program, we offer free access to Awario Starter to the partner and their students for the duration of the course. After the course is over, students will be able to purchase Awario at an exclusive discount. If you have a partnership idea that's different from these provisions — we're all ears!

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