Awario vs Brand24: Detailed Comparison & Review

Let's take a look at Awario and Brand24 side by side. These apps are competing to be the most valuable software for its money. This comparison will help you decide on which one to settle. We'll go over the key features of both platforms and then find out which one solves users' tasks better. First, let's take a look at their dashboards:
The dashboards of both applications provide statistics on the number of mentions, sentiment analysis, and the most recent mentions. You can switch between sources and change the date ranges. Awario's Dashboard displays top influencers, while Brand24 has a special tab for that in the Analytics section.
Here's a comparison of the key features.
Free trial
In-app interactions
(likes, replies, shares, etc.)
Boolean search
Sentiment analysis
Historical data Unlimited for all plans Up to 12 months
Real-time mention search
Only for Max users
Sales prospecting
Users 10 for Pro Unlimited for Enterprise
Data export Starts with the Pro plan Starts with the Premium plan
White-labelling Only for Enterprise users
Language filter
Country filter
Mobile app
Email notifications
Account manager Only for Enterprise users Only for Max users
When choosing a social listening tool, it's important to search for the one that is easy to use, offers the functionality that caters to your business needs, and isn't overpriced. Here are the most common parameters users consider when picking a social media tool.
Brand24 has a mobile app and the ability to share account access between team members which isn't available in Awario. However, Awario enables you to engage with mentions right from the feed. You can reply, like, share them, etc. Awario offers unlimited historical data for web results, while Brand24's historical mentions date back to 12 months in the best-case scenario. Real-time mention search in Brand24 is available for Max plan users only, while in Awario it's a default option.
Value for money
Both apps offer 3 subscription plans. On average, you'll get 1 932 mentions for $1 with Awario, while Brand24 will give you 649 mentions for your buck. As you can see, Awario gets you 2 times more mentions for $1 in every plan. But the number of mentions is not all you get with Awario. Each plan includes real-time data search, a Boolean search mode, and unlimited historical data and keywords.
To measure the performance rates of both services, we've entered the same 3 keywords in each app: "Airbnb", "", and "TripAdvisor". At the very start Brand24 returned 62 810 mentions, while Awario showed only 1 705. After 1 day, Awario found 150 000 mentions (reached the mentions per alert limit, but was still getting new mentions and replacing the old ones), and Brand24 showed 69 001 mentions. Brand24 returns more results immediately, but Awario gives you way more mentions on the long run.
Online reputation management
Both Awario and Brand24 let you do the online reputation management through tracking negative mentions/reviews about your brand. But what makes Awario the winner here is that you can take care of these mentions right from the app. Awario's in-app interactions include replying, commenting, and sharing mentions. You can also like them or follow the author. Note that you can act on behalf of several accounts simultaneously if you connect to them in the project settings.
Competitive analysis
Awario and Brand24 both have good competitive analysis capabilities. If you want to track your competitors in Brand24, you can create a separate project for that. But note that the number of projects is limited to the keywords number. So if you are on a Plus plan and you have 6 competitors, you won't be able to track all the competitors as there are only 5 keywords available in the Plus plan. Awario is way more flexible in this case. First, you can create an alert for each competitor within one project, or you can create different projects for different purposes. If you don't have enough available alerts for all your competitors, there's still a workaround for that. You can create one alert and enter an unlimited amount of keywords. This way, all your competitors will be stored in one place.
Influencer marketing
You can check out the top influencers right in Awario's Dashboard. The list includes links to their profiles, so you can easily reach out to them. There are special Influencers reports which may be sorted by the source, the number of followers, mentions, or the reach number. Brand24 has an Analysis section in its side-panel. There you can check out the most popular mentions and the most popular authors. Along with the reach metric, Brand24 provides its own Influencer Score, which indicates how much authority an author has online. It's based on the number of followers they have in social media.
Social selling
Brand24 doesn't have any special sales prospecting features. Still, you can search for leads if you add "looking for" or similar phrases along with the keywords you want to track. At the same time, Awario has a dedicated module for finding hot leads. All you need to do is to fill in your brand name, the description of your product, and your competitors.
Ease of use
The process of creating a project is pretty straightforward for both apps. However, it takes a bit more time and effort to create one in Awario because you provide additional information like product description and competitors' names for creating a leads alert. UI of both Brand24 and Awario is clean and user-friendly, you can easily find everything you need and navigate to any part of the app with a couple of clicks.

It'd be a good idea to choose Awario in case you are about to engage with your leads and a precise personalized search is really important for you. Alternatively, Brand24 offers such perks as Slack integration and multiple users, which may be fundamental for some customers.

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