Awario gives you the tools to monitor Facebook mentions flawlessly

Track Facebook tags and mentions, find influencers,
and get social media monitoring insights in one tool.
Track your Facebook mentions.
Know every time someone
mentions your brand on Facebook.
Monitor your campaigns.
Learn how the target audience perceives
your marketing campaigns.
Analyze the Facebook data.
Discover the reach, sentiment,
languages, locations of your mentions.
Keep an eye on competitors.
Identify your share of voice and
benchmark social listening insights
against your competitors.
Find influencers.
Analyze the impact of influencers
and reach out to your future brand
Create social media reports
Generate and share white-label PDF
reports that visualize social listening

Make monitoring Facebook mentions effortless.

Get access to all your mentions at once and analyze the relevant conversations happening on Facebook.
You don't need multiple social listening tools to come up with the best Facebook strategy. Awario combines real-time social media monitoring and state-of-the-art analytics to process social listening data from the largest social network in the world and analyze every single Facebook page.
Unlike basic social listening tools for Facebook, our app does social media monitoring for all major social media and web sources, making Awario the best tool for a well-rounded marketing strategy. You can spot any post that mentions your brand and post comments on Facebook without even leaving the social monitoring tool.

Track your brand mentions on Facebook.

Never miss a conversation around your brand with Awario's real-time monitoring and get involved right from the platform.
A large part of communication with your brand is happening outside of your Facebook page — stop ignoring it. Even if you check your notifications daily to see the pages that mention Facebook page you manage, there are potentially hundreds of untagged Facebook posts that go unnoticed. You need to check mentions on Facebook are untagged to get the full picture — you need social media monitoring tools.
Tracking Facebook mentions is absolutely vital for your branding. The tool’s real-time media monitoring allows you to immediately react to any mention of your brand. The availability of historical data lets you check out the posts that mention your brand that were published even before you started Facebook tracking. Sentiment Analysis lets you spot every single negative mention and reply to customers without leaving the application.

Use social listening to track Facebook mentions.

Analyze the impact of your Facebook campaigns by monitoring the keywords
and hashtags associated with it.
Facebook is the most business-friendly free app out there, so it's not surprising that companies are choosing it as the focus of their marketing campaigns. Do you know how many people are mentioning your campaign, what they think about it, and is it actually impactful?
Facebook monitoring tools can answer these questions. From hashtags to slogans, you can track any Facebook mention of your campaign from the get-go in our tool.
Moreover, you can use social media monitoring before the campaign launches to research your target audience and find out what ideas they will react positively to.
Facebook has 2.32 billion users, so it's important to filter out irrelevant noise and focus on the right Facebook mentions. Awario's Boolean search tool enables you to create specific queries to conduct laser-targeted Facebook tracking and ensure that you discover anyone mentioning appropriate keywords in time.

Rigorously analyze social listening data from Facebook.

Dive deep into social media analytics around your keywords and get actionable
insights to implement in your strategy.
The reason to monitor Facebook mentions is not only to engage with your target audience whenever they need you but also to see a bigger picture with the help of data analysis. Actionable and detailed Facebook analytics are essential to your social media success. Feel free to check Mention Statistics report to see in-depth analytics worthy of Enterprise-level tools at an affordable price.
Use media monitoring insights to guide your social media marketing strategy, product development, and customer support.
Keep an eye on your brand health by tracking the sentiment behind your Facebook tags and mentions, learn more about people mentioning your brand, and monitor your social media performance — all of this with one monitoring platform.

Track your competitors' Facebook strategy.

Pin down your rivals' strengths and weaknesses by monitoring their brand
and measuring your performance against them.
Keep an eye on your competitors with the help of social listening tools. Track their Facebook marketing campaigns to uncover their social media strategy. Besides, you can analyze people who mention them by checking out Mention Statistics. Identify customers unhappy with their product and offer yours instead. With the help of social media monitoring, you can learn from their mistakes and see what works best on Facebook.

Discover Facebook influencers in your mentions through social listening.

Find brand ambassadors that can actually bring you ROI. There is no need to invest in influencer marketing tools, you can find influencers with Awario for free!
Check out the Influencers tool to see which influencers mention your brand or set up an alert to gather industry-related Facebook mentions to find future collaborators. Once you select the most influential accounts mentioning your keywords, you can use our app to track Facebook mentions of their name to see how popular they are on the platform.

Generate comprehensive Facebook listening reports.

Share the social listening insights with the clients, colleagues, and stakeholders via downloadable white-label PDF reports.
Reporting is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy: it helps you track your success, see which tactics work best and which you need to change, and make sure that everyone in your company is on the same page.
Awario sends automated email reports containing every new mention as often as you'd like.
There are three types of white-label reports you're free to check out:
  • The Mention report containing detailed insights from your media monitoring activities
  • The Alert Comparison report that measures your performance against your competitors
  • The Influencers report including the list of the most influential Facebook accounts talking about your keywords
You can share these Facebook reports either via link or by downloading a PDF.
Additionally, Awario app sends automated customizable emails containing every new mention of your keyword.

Find out what people say about you on Facebook.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Facebook monitoring work?
Awario crawls and indexes Facebook pages, then searches for keyword mentions in Facebook posts.
Can I track historical data on Facebook?
Yes, you can easily access your historical data up to 6 months back.
Can I monitor private Facebook groups?
No, Facebook API doesn’t allow to monitor private Facebook groups.
Can I try Facebook monitoring for free?
Sure! Sign up for a free 7-day trial here.