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Discover YouTube influencers, analyze competitors and stay on top of your brand mentions with YouTube monitoring. Awario makes tracking YouTube mentions a breath.

YouTube monitoring
Discover your brand mentions
Know every time someone mentions your brand on YouTube
Analyze YouTube data
Examine large amounts of social listening data
Track YouTube campaigns
Understand how much buzz your video marketing campaign generates
Monitor competitors
Identify your brand’s share of voice on the YouTube app
Find influencers
Find potential brand ambassadors and discover popular YouTubers
Generate YouTube reports
Build and share white-label PDF Reports
Laser-targeted YouTube monitoring

Discover only the relevant YouTube mentions you want to see

More than 500,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. These videos come with names and lengthy descriptions, and many of them generate hundreds of comments: imagine how hard it is to find the content relevant to your company in this huge amount of data. Analyzing this data is a tall task. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself — Awario’s social media analytics platform will monitor the YouTube app for you.

Its powerful social monitoring capabilities track channel names, video descriptions, channel descriptions, and more to make sure you never miss relevant YouTube mentions. Our elaborate system of filters helps you fine-tune your YouTube keyword search in order to discover only pertinent posts.

The best part is that, unlike expensive social media software, Awario does YouTube monitoring at an affordable cost.

Laser-targeted YouTube monitoring
Check on your brand with YouTube monitoring

Make sure you know what people think about your brand

Laser-targeted YouTube monitoring

Discover what people are saying about your brand on YouTube app in real-time. Sort the found mentions by reach to understand which videos and comments on YouTube gathered the most views.

Reputation tracking on social is crucial to any brand. You can keep an eye on your YouTube reputation with Sentiment Analysis, as negative brand mentions can affect your reputation and result in a PR crisis. We make sure you discover negative brand mentions in real-time and deal with them right from the application. Comment, like, and dislike videos without leaving the app.

Check out YouTube monitoring analytics

Derive actionable insights from your social listening data and present them to your colleagues and stakeholders in white-label reports

Tracking your YouTube analytics is a must for any brand on the platform. However, while YouTube’s native analytics can show you how well your videos are performing, to analyze your brand perception and research the target audience you need social media monitoring tools. YouTube tracking can reveal:

  • The changes in reach and number of your YouTube mentions
  • The sentiment behind the mentions
  • The locations and languages of your mentions
  • The words commonly used alongside your brand

and more. These valuable insights could be used to guide your product development, customer support, and marketing strategies.

Awario makes sharing YouTube insights with colleagues and stakeholders easy. You have three types of white label reports which you can share via a link or in a PDF file:

  • Mention Statistics report gives you all the necessary insights on your keywords
  • Alert Comparison report allows you to benchmark several alerts against each other: you and your competitors, your products, your campaigns, etc.
  • Influencers report shows the most influential YouTubers in your niche
Check out YouTube monitoring analytics
Use YouTube monitoring to track your campaigns

Evaluate the impact of your video marketing and influencer campaigns

Use YouTube monitoring to track your campaigns

Video is the best medium to get your message across. YouTube monitoring empowers you to see how much buzz your campaign is generating, who is talking about it, and what feelings they express.

Besides, since Awario’s monitoring capabilities go beyond basic social media monitoring tools, it allows tracking the popularity of your own video content on other social platforms and websites: how many shares it gets, how many impressions, how many people it reaches. You don’t have to focus on the YouTube app alone: you get mentions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the rest of the web as well.

Research your niche with YouTube monitoring

Understand your target audience, their behaviour on social media and their interests

Awario is a comprehensive social media analytics app capable of running social listening investigations into your target audience and competitors.

Track industry-relevant keywords to understand where the conversations are happening, who is talking about your industry, and what their interests are. Tracking videos can help you analyze the pain points of your audience and get inspiration for your product. Awario Leads module discovers negative YouTube mentions of your competitors so you can join the conversation in the comments and promote your product as the right solution.

Monitor your competitors’ video content to understand their video marketing tactics and discover reviews of their products. You can easily benchmark your own social media success against your competitors by going to Alert Comparison and juxtaposing your analytics against theirs.

You can also deploy Awario for content discovery — use social media analytics to find relevant videos and share them with your audience.

Research your niche with YouTube monitoring
Apply YouTube listening to discover influencers

Detect potential brand ambassadors and YouTubers who affect your target audience’s decisions

Apply YouTube listening to discover influencers

YouTube has changed the entertainment industry: nowadays, YouTube personalities are much more influential than TV hosts or actors. Tracking their content, following what they are posting, engaging with them in the comments, and building relationships will help you create a positive brand image and win new customers. Check out the Influencers report to see how influencers rank against each other who could become your future brand advocate.

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Frequently asked questions

YouTube monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing all mentions of your brand, product, hashtag, or any other keyword on the YouTube app. By means of YouTube monitoring, you can manage your reputation, find influencers and leads, keep tabs on your competition, and run effortless marketing campaigns.

YouTube monitoring with Awario means non-stop tracking and real-time data aggregated in your Dashboard. You set up mentions monitoring for your seed keyword — and Awario scrapes channel names, video and channel descriptions to deliver every single YouTube mention of the keyword you're monitoring.

Sure thing — Awario will go back up to 5 years to get you a full picture of your YouTube performance. Even if you start YouTube monitoring today, Awario brings a slew of historical data in a blink to make sure you have solid historical insights to work with.

We invite you to! Sign up for a Awario's free trial to test drive social media monitoring and listening for 7 days. Besides YouTube, you'll be able to monitor Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, as well as news, blogs, and the rest of the web.