Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing and monitoring tool
Harness the power of influencer marketing software.
Influencer marketing
Find the best influencers
Leverage Awario social listening capabilities and find your perfect influencer to bring your brand into the spotlight
Monitor influencer content performance
Start influencer post tracking to measure reach and effort efficiency of your campaigns
Get the access to social media analytics
Analyze statistic data of an individual influencer posts and overall campaign engagement, and impressions
Enhance your influencer marketing process
Unlock the insights about your influencers. Calculate influencer posts sentiment, monitor mentions data, compare metrics with Awario platform
Launch influencer marketing monitoring across several platforms
Your allies that have influence in your niche are really close. All you have to do is to spot them and build a path to the impactful collaboration. Sounds easy, though it is obviously not. The best motivation for a try: influencers will target precisely those customers you need, in a most cost-effective way. To save a heap of effort and money, you can leverage your influencer marketing with the right tools. Awario will provide a shortcut to the most influential people in your niche and let you take a sneak peek at competitors' influencers.
Set up influencer tracking in a few clicks
Set up your Awario account for influencer search
influencer search
Customize alerts for your brand through keywords
Customize alerts
Start tracking-influencer conversations across platforms
tracking influencer
Get extra benefits with Awario!
Uncover your potential influencers to launch new marketing collaborations
marketing collaborations
Analyze influencer performance with dedicated reports
Get the benefit from your influencer marketing campaign
Concentrate your social listening solely on influencer search

Use Awario monitoring tool to dig out trusted influencers in your niche and launch collaborations that help to put brand in the limelight and stand out among competitors.

Know which influencers perform best

Use Awario reports to collect social listening data and measure performance of influencer campaigns. Get the most of social monitoring to have a clear overview of influencer posts reach, engagement rate and share of voice.

Measure influencer metrics and analyze any influencer marketing campaign

Awario gathers influencer analytics data to help you timely monitor and report on every influencer collaboration. Measure growth of your brand mentions, location coverage.

Assess the success and ROl of your campaigns

Use Awario influencer comparison reports to take a closer look at the success of your influencer campaigns and make smarter decisions on influencer management and plan next moves.

Excel in influencer marketing on social media now
Surrounded by aggressive ads, people still seek peer recommendations when choosing a product or brand. A genuine endorsement by an influencer may cost nothing but can give results and positive ROI comparable to a lavish marketing campaign. It is about time to start using Awario social listening features to your profit.
Frequently asked questions

Influencer marketing tool helps marketers find, interact, and collaborate with social media influencers. Instead of searching for influencers manually the tool makes influencer discovery easy and in line with marketing campaign needs. The influencer marketing tool also shares social media insights and overview of the latest market trends allowing brands to be aware of where they stand.

Awario helps marketers track influencer activity by monitoring hashtags, keywords, and mentions in social media posts and the web sources relevant to the brand. You can monitor influencer marketing campaigns overall or do individual tracking of the influencer activity. Using Awario, marketers can do research that is both quantitative and qualitative.

To find and monitor your influencers in Awario, you need to create an alert and insert brand’s keywords, campaign hashtags, keywords, specify language, location, and the source of your mentions. By doing so, you launch the search and track the conversations that influencers run around your brand. Additionally, if you enter the influencer reports in Awario to discover the list of influencers by category based on the number of followers, subscribers, and the reach they have.

Th social media landscape continuously evolves, just as the types of influencers who populate it. While some social media platforms may be more popular compared to others the number and types of influencers also vary depending on the platform. Generally, the influencer get divided into five types:

  • Mega-influencers with more than a million followers (aka celebrities)
  • Macro-influencers with 500K to 1 million followers
  • Mid-tier influencers with 50K to 500K followers
  • Micro-influencers with 10K to 50K followers
  • Nano-influencers with 1K to 10K followers