Harness the power of influencer marketing with Awario

Surrounded by aggressive ads, people still seek peer recommendations when choosing a product or brand. A genuine endorsement by an influential person may cost nothing but can give results comparable to a lavish campaign.

Bring your brand into the spotlight

Your allies that have influence in your niche are really close. All you have to do is to spot them and build a path to the impactful collaboration. Sounds easy, though it is obviously not. The best motivation for a try: influencers will target precisely those customers you need, in a most cost-effective way. To save a heap of effort and money, you can leverage your influencer marketing with the right tools. Awario will provide a shortcut to the most influential people in your niche and let you take a sneak peek at competitors' influencers.
Accumulate your influencers-to-be
Set up customized alerts for your brand and niche through keywords
Track conversations about you and your competitors
Uncover all the potential influencers
Unveil the real influence
Apply filters to separate those influencers who will make a difference for your business
Make a winning shortlist
Prepare the ground for an impactful relationship
Get a picture of the influencers' behavior and activities
Engage with influencers in a genuine, unobtrusive way to make yourself visible
Find the right moment to connect directly and establish trust
Don't forget to be awesome!