Hashtag tracking and analytics

Use Awario to monitor hashtag performance on social media.
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Find the right hashtags.
Use a hashtag tracker to get an idea of the hashtag's level of popularity, its growth over time, and the activity around it on major social networks.
Monitor any hashtag.
Monitor yours, your competitor's, or the industry hashtags on Facebook, hashtags on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram hashtags in real time.
Analyze your campaign.
Create a marketing campaign with a dedicated hashtag and analyze hashtag metrics using Awario, which is both a hashtag tracker and an analytics tool.
Keep track of your event.
Monitor a dedicated event hashtag to be aware of any updates immediately and to respond to people in real time.
Identify sentiment and topics.
Go beyond built-in Twitter analytics in your Twitter account. Discover whether your hashtag evokes more positive or negative mentions, and identify the topics circling around your hashtag.
Report the results.
Create white-label professional PDF reports with all the metrics and analytics you choose to track. These can be hashtag reports with the results for historical hashtags, Twitter hashtags, Instagram hashtags, hashtags on Facebook, etc.

Measure brand awareness with hashtag monitoring

Use Awario to monitor brand hashtags on social media.
Tracking a dedicated brand hashtag will help you identify the level of your brand awareness on social media. You will know how many people mention your brand's hashtag and which social media networks they use most often. You'll also know the language and location distribution around your hashtags which is bound to give you a more clear perspective on the social media presence of your brand.
Understanding the level of popularity of your brand on social media will make it easier for you to plan a more advanced marketing strategy: come up with the right content, campaigns, posts, and tweets.
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Analyze the hashtags

Discover the sentiment and popular topics around your hashtags.
Whether you're tracking your brand hashtag, your industry hashtag, or your competitors' hashtag, it's not enough to just measure the level of its popularity. Awario offers metrics that will help you perform hashtag analysis. The analysis will show you the reach of each hashtag, i.e. how many times your hashtag is likely to be seen; hashtag's sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral), and the topics that surround the hashtag.
As a brand monitoring and analytics tool, Awario covers all major social media networks, so you can perform all kinds of analytics, be it hashtag analytics such as finding more about the most popular hashtags on Twitter, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, or YouTube analytics.
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Find industry influencers through hashtag tracking

Monitor industry hashtags and find influencers to reach out to and collaborate.
Start with hashtag monitoring, end with influencer marketing.
For influencers, using hashtags is essential. Influencers are on the constant outlook for best hashtags, be it a Twitter hashtag, an Instagram hashtag, or a Facebook hashtag. They are the ones to spread them around social media and make sure the right hashtags gain popularity. Using different tools to first track hashtags and then find influencers is unnecessary — Awario is a tool that does both. As soon as you set up an alert for a hashtag that interests you, the tool starts searching for people that both have a large number of followers and have used your hashtag in the past.
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Take care of your event with a hashtag tracker

Use a hashtag tracking tool to see what people are saying about your event.
Knowing what's happening before, after, and during your event (or any event) isn't an easy task, especially if it involves thousands of people. Monitoring a dedicated event hashtag (huge events tend to have one) on social media helps to identify troubles or any outside-of-ordinary cases, engage with people in real time, and take care of questions and issues faster.
Tracking hashtag mentions on social media also helps with gathering feedback on the event and building a relationship with the people that came to the event. You'll gather compliments, discover what was best about the event. Sure, these people must be also active on social media, but most are. The key to connect with them is to use tools for monitoring, analytics, hashtag search, and for discovering brand-related trends.
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Present your hashtag monitoring results

Use Awario to present your data with white-label PDF reports
Often, it's not you who needs to know the campaign results and the trending hashtag — it's your boss or your clients. For these cases, Awario has social media performance and analytics reports: reports show hashtag tracking results, brand monitoring results, and hashtag analysis.
Reports are white-label, fully customizable, and gorgeous. They show the growth of your hashtags, their reach metrics, sentiment, topics surrounding them, relevant influencers sorted by their popularity, and even hashtag history. They show statistics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can choose which stats to include in the hashtag analytics report.
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Go beyond hashtag analytics and monitoring

Monitor brand mentions on social media, news, blogs, and the web.
Awario is not just a hashtag tracker. It’s a social media monitoring and analytics tool, so it doesn't stop at hashtag analytics. It monitors tagged and untagged mentions of any given keyword on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, news, blogs, forums and the web. As a combined hashtag tracker and analytics tool, Awario provides Twitter analytics, analytics for Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
The tool performs mention analytics: you can check your brand's or your CEO's overall reputation, check out the trending topics around your brand, and find your brand advocates. You get historical data, including historical hashtags, and see how the number of mentions around your brand changes over time. You know where your brand (or any other keyword) is mentioned, i.e. which networks it's most popular on, which locations, and on which languages. With this information, you can better focus on platforms that already bring results. For example, you can decide to only track Twitter, or only track a YouTube hashtag, or track any hashtag associated with your industry on Instagram.
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Use Awario for monitoring hashtags in real time.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you track hashtag performance?
Social analytics tools look through content published on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to find posts with hashtags you chose for monitoring. Analysis reveals the most used hashtags and the sentiment of posts (positive, negative, or neutral). You can measure the effectiveness of recent events, campaigns, collaborations and discover which resonate with your audience most.
How can you tell if a hashtag is popular?
Pay attention to the number of your hashtag mentions and their reach. For popular ones, these indicators will be the highest. Also, check out the list of influencers who used your hashtags on their profiles. If you discover the brand’s mentions on pages with a big following, your campaign will bring results.
How do you measure hashtag reach?
Reach shows you how many people potentially can see the hashtags you are using. It is defined by the number of subscribers on social media profiles. If reach is not high, you are likely not using top trending hashtags that are getting a lot of attention.
Can I try hashtag monitoring for free?
Of course. You can start free hashtag monitoring by signing up for Awario.