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All social media and the web. All locations and languages.
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Make the most of Awario Enterprise with your personal social listening API key

Upgrade your product
Add social media monitoring data to your website or app. Integrate brand mentions into the layout of your customer reviews, testimonials or any product pages, updated as often as you prefer.
Power-level your reporting
Incorporate social media monitoring and analytics into your internal reporting tools. Add any social listening data to your reports and visualization platforms for reliable insights into consumer behaviors.
Sort out leads and influencers
Use Awario API to have potential customers and brand advocates exported into a single doc. Automate monitoring of leads and influencers to perfection, with all key actors stored for your review and follow-up.
Tune up your notifications
Set Awario to deliver highly refined mentions to your inbox, Slack, or other messengers. Filter by language, country, reach, author or source — Awario will bring you the mentions you're looking forward to.

Re-engineer your social listening workflow

Awario API takes your Enterprise experience to the next level: all mentions and analytics are easily exportable and integratable. Whatever specific type of mentions you're after, filter away and have the most refined mentions embedded into your website, added to reports, or stored and delivered to your inbox.
Awario API gives you full control of your mention and leads alerts: get a quick overview of all the data your team is tracking and control your plan's monthly mentions limit. With an API key, you won't need to access Awario's UI to get full information about your alerts.
To claim your personal API key, you need Awario Enterprise or a larger custom solution. If you're eligible, please refer to our help center for Awario API overview and authentification instructions. To book a demo or get more information about Awario Enterprise, contact our customer success team.

Why choose Awario API?

We cover all of social media and the web
Major social media networks, blogs, forums, news, and the web — we offer full coverage to make sure you catch every mention of your brand.
Our tireless bots crawl over 13B pages daily
Awario relies on its own crawlers: leave third-party data providers behind and get instant notifications of all the conversations around your company and products.
Our monitoring is powered by Boolean search
Awario lets you run searches of any complexity, empowering you to create advanced search queries for spot-on results only.
We bring you leads and influencers
Equipped with lead and influencer detecting tools, Awario brings potential customers and brand allies to boost your marketing and social selling.
Our in-depth analytics elevate your reporting
Share of voice, sentiment, reach and locations of your brand mentions, topic cloud — whatever market insights you're after, Awario is there to deliver.
We offer best value for money
Awario is your smartest investment, with API access offered at an unbeatable price. Larger custom plans are available upon request.
Note: Twitter data is not available via Awario API.