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We collect data in real time, making sure you can reply to mentions of your brand and answer urgent questions as soon as possible, as well as keep an eye on your brand's reputation.
Twitter tracking is an essential job for every social media marketer. And it's something that's impossible to do without an app. Among social media monitoring tools, Awario stands out as it tracks mentions in real time, saves the historical data, finds Twitter mentions of your brand that didn't use the handle, and collects them all together with mentions from other social media on one Dashboard.
For social media tracking tools, it's very important to cut through the noize and show relevant posts. Awario is a Twitter monitoring tool that helps you get rid of all the irrelevant mentions by letting you use Boolean search — manual mentions monitoring search. Acting as a coder, you tweak the tool to monitor specific types of mentions and get the results you want.

Analyze social listening data.

Awario provides you with insights on what customers think about your brand or any other keyword and makes the data easy to comprehend and analyze.
Tracking Twitter mentions brings tons of data. Social media monitoring tools collect all you need to know about your brand's (or other keyword's) mentions: mentions' growth, mentions' sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), most prevalent topics around your mentions, the share of voice compared to your competitors, and more stats.
Besides, monitoring where your Twitter mentions come from — which locations, in which languages, from which social media and other sources — can also be very important for developing your company. For example, if you track mentions coming from locations that you don't usually market for, this can be your chance to shine. The audience there already knows your brand, all they need is a little push! On the other hand, if you monitor Twitter sentiment, you are better aware of the problems your customers face and the traits of your product that they value most. Mentions monitoring and analytics let you create the best possible product.

Check Twitter for industry influencers and brand advocates.

Influencer marketing is on the rise like never before. Awario helps to find social media influencers on Twitter and turn them into brand advocates.
Social media monitoring tools are the best for finding influencers on social media and beyond. Twitter industry influencers — opinion leaders with thousands of followers — are easily found through Twitter tracking. Set up a Twitter monitoring tool, use industry words (e.g., "productivity tools", "productivity apps" "productivity software") as keywords, and watch your feed being populated with relevant people — people you can start working with to sell your product and increase brand awareness.
Another way to employ influencer marketing is tracking brand advocates — people that already know and love your company (or at least are vaguely aware of your company or product and have mentioned them somewhere on social media). Building a relationship with these people can turn into social selling: they can leave positive comments about your product, talk more about it on social media, write blog articles, and so on.
Tracking the results of influencer marketing is, of course, essential.

Find hot leads with Awario Leads.

Awario's unique Leads feature lets you find people that are looking for a product or a service like yours on Twitter and engage with the potential customers straight from the app.
Lead generation on social media becomes very straightforward with Awario Leads. This feature lets you track mentions that signal that the author is looking for a product like yours. The algorithm finds posts such as "Can anyone recommend productivity tools?" and mentions that signal that the author is unhappy with your competitor's product. Replying to these mentions in time (you can do that straight from the app) will bring you "hot" leads — people that were literally waiting for you to find them! This is what social selling is all about.
To set up Leads, sign up for Awario (the feature is available in a free trial), describe your product in two or three words, and specify your competitors. Once it's set up and you start getting results, feel free to tweak your Leads settings to make sure you're seeing exactly the results you want.

Generate Twitter tracking reports.

Awario's three types of social listening reports are all you need to show your clients, bosses, or colleagues the value of social media marketing.
Awario's social monitoring reports are informative, professional-looking, and simply gorgeous, available both in PDF and HTML formats and shareable with a click. For the enterprise-level customers, reports are also white-label so that the agencies can include their own branding.
Reports include information on all the mentions' analytics, share of voice (the level of buzz around your brand in comparison to the level of buzz around your main competitors), and influencers, which makes showing the social listening results to clients, bosses, and colleagues a simple and pleasant task.

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