People are talking about your brand online.

Are you listening?
Monitor your brand, product, and marketing campaigns.
Discover conversations on social media, news sites, blogs & forums.
React in time to reviews, questions, complaints and compliments.
Know your customers
The best way to get feedback from your customers is brand monitoring. Listen to what customers say about your product to each other. Monitor your brand instead of sending out surveys, and you'll know the whole truth!
Find new leads on
social media
Find clients that look for products like yours, are unhappy with your competitor's product, or need timely advice on which product to buy. Set up brand monitoring routine and be the first to offer a solution.
Take advantage of your competition
Monitor your competitors' brands to discover what their audience likes and dislikes, how they deal with negativity, and how they engage followers. Learn from their successes and failures, and apply what works to your marketing strategy.
Measure the impact of your campaigns
Set up brand monitoring and track your marketing campaigns as they unfold. See their full reach, analyze results, spot and fix problems the moment they arise. Make sure no social media crisis is waiting for you around the corner!
Start with influencer marketing
Use Awario's Influencers dashboard to find people that talk about your brand or your industry to a large number of followers. Reach out to them to form relationships and start business collaborations.

Why Awario?

Real-time data
Finds mentions in time to react
13 billion sources
Crawls every corner of the Internet
Location, language, etc. filters
Shows only relevant mentions
Social analytics
Makes it easy to analyze results
Precise monitoring with Boolean
Allows to make precise searches
Professional-looking HTML reports
Makes it easy to show off results