Real-time social media monitoring and analysis

Awario is one of the best social media monitoring tools out there. And we're ready to prove it.
Real-time monitoring
Our social media monitoring tool
crawls 13 billion pages daily
to give
you full coverage of social
networks, news, blogs, forums,
and the web.
Relevant results
Boolean search lets you tweak the
program settings to get you relevant
results even in the most obscure
social media listening cases.
Robust analytics
Sentiment Analysis, Topic Clouds,
Mention Maps
, and other metrics
show your online presence and
simplify social media management.
Social selling
Awario Leads is a unique social
selling module among social
media listening tools
that finds people looking
for a product like yours.
Competitive analysis
Monitoring competitors on
top social media platforms
lets you easily benchmark
your online presence
against your rivals.
Influencer marketing
Social analytics finds opinion leaders
in your industry and your very own
brand advocates.
Social monitoring for SEO
Social monitoring finds backlinks,
unlinked mentions to turn them
into links, and guest blogging
Customizable Reports
All data is exportable and can be
visualized in gorgeous, white-label
PDF reports that show
social media management results.
Team collaboration
Your team members get different
access levels to the Awario account
to use the social media
monitoring tool better together.

Join the conversation about you

Monitor your brand, CEO, competitor, industry, event or any other keyword on social media and beyond.
Awario is a social media monitoring platform
Awario is a social media monitoring platform that monitors your keywords on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, and the Web. New sources for social listening are regularly added. Unlike most social media monitoring tools, Awario provides you with both real-time and historical data.
This is how we monitor different sources:
The app monitors Twitter posts, replies, and retweets for keyword mentions with and without the Twitter handle.
The app monitors YouTube for keyword mentions in the video titles and descriptions.
Blogs & forums
The app searches for keyword mentions on blogs and forums. You can prioritize important blogs to get mentions from them first.
The app monitors posts and comments for keyword mentions on Reddit.
The app monitors news sites for keyword mentions. You can prioritize important media sources to get mentions from them first.
The web
The app monitors other websites for keyword mentions. You can prioritize important websites to get mentions from them first.
With such close social media listening, you can reply to mentions as soon as they arrive. Some networks will allow you to reply without leaving the app, some will take you to the original source of the mention. In both cases, commenting on someone's post that was found with a social monitoring platform will take one click.
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Get the most relevant results

Use Boolean search — the most precise social media search — to tweak social media monitoring tools and brand monitoring according to your requirements.
Social media and the rest of the Internet are full of noize that's very difficult to cut through. If your brand name is a common or an ambiguous word, or you require location-based social listening, or you're tracking job offerings, or if other social media monitoring software just doesn't cut it — try using Boolean search for online monitoring. The process of brand monitoring will be changed forever. After creating your first alerts, you'll feel like a programmer and you will get the results you were looking for!
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Analyze the data behind your online presence

Use multiple metrics to monitor your brand mentions online and create gorgeous white-label PDF reports.
Awario dashboard
Social media marketing is a complicated field. In most cases, it isn't clear whether you're making any progress, whether your brand awareness is growing, what's your reputation on social media. This is when social media monitoring tools come in.
Awario’s social media analytics is extensive. The tool collects social listening data and performs sentiment analysis to show you the proportion of positive, negative, and neutral mentions and how they change over time. It visualizes social media mentions to let you see their growth and reach. Topic clouds show you words that are used most often alongside your keywords. The Share of Voice metrics lets you understand how much of the social media conversation is taken by you and each of your main competitors. You discover where you get the most attention from: is it social media platforms, news sites or websites? Should you (or your client) prioritize tracking mentions on Twitter or tracking posts on Reddit? Or maybe it’s a YouTube listening tool that you need?
All brand monitoring results and social media analytics are exportable and are presented in customizable PDF reports that you will definitely enjoy looking at.
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Introduce social selling

Cold calling is out. New marketing methods are in. Social media monitoring makes it easy to try them out and do it for free.
Social media monitoring
Social media monitoring makes it easy for you to dive into the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing, such as social selling.
For social selling, Awario has a specific module — Awario Leads. All you have to do is write 2 or 3-word phrases that best describe your company and name a couple of your competitors, and the tool will start tracking people on social media that are looking for a product or service just like yours. You can engage with the discovered prospects straight away.
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Start with Influencer marketing

Find influencers in your niche and brand advocates and reach out to them.
Influencer marketing and especially micro-influencer marketing is on the rise. Awario shows you your brand advocates (people with the large following who have mentioned your brand) and the most influential people in your industry. Once you know who they are, you can collaborate with them to build mutually beneficial relationships.
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Know what your competitors are up to

Spying on your competitors has never been easier. Social media monitoring will give you insights into all social media marketing efforts of your competitors.
Spying on your competitors
Everything from the results of the latest social media campaign to the links your competitors get through guest posting is at your fingertips with social media monitoring tools. As with your own brand, you can analyze what percent of the market the competitors take as well as which markets they target, find out what customers love and hate about competitors' products, discover what influencers they work with, and more.
Competitor research is necessary to build your own marketing strategy, and social media monitoring makes it much, much easier. And, dare I say, more fun.
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Work with your whole team using one account

Give out different permissions to your team members and work better together.
For social media teams, it's important to work together to achieve the best results. Awario's latest addition — the multi-users feature — lets you invite your team members to use your account. You can grant them different permissions and see what they've been up to while using a social media monitoring platform.

The Internet is talking about you. Find out what they say.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try your social media monitoring tool for free?
Sure! Sign up for a free 7-day trial here.
How does social media monitoring work?
Similarly to search engines, social media monitoring tools crawl sites and index them. Awario does crawling itself; some other tools use data providers. Once the sites are crawled and indexed, they can be searched. That’s when the user creates an alert, writes a query, and the tool looks for it.
What sources can social media monitoring tools track?
The list is endless. At the moment, Awario tracks social media platforms, blogs, forums, news sites, and the web. New sources are regularly added.