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Use Awario to measure the tone of your mentions.
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Measure your brand
sentiment and see how it
changes over time.
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Spot crises and react to
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Know how people react to
your marketing campaigns
or product releases.
Analyze your
Identify your
competitors' strengths
and weaknesses.

Measure your brand's reputation.

Look at Mention Statistics to see overall trends and patterns in your online presence
Have you ever wondered what your brand's overall social media sentiment is? Is it positive, negative, or neutral? Percentage-wise, do they complain or praise it more often? Or maybe, they don't express any specific feelings and just ask neutral questions instead?
Monitoring sentiment and digging deeper into what positive and negative trends say is vital for every company. This is why social media sentiment analysis is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Social media sentiment analysis measures social media sentiment with the help of sentiment analysis tools. It divides social sentiment into positive, negative, and neutral.
To access sentiment analysis in Awario, go to Mention Statistics and look at the graph that shows the growth of neutral, positive, and negative sentiment. Alternatively, watch the social media sentiment on the Dashboard in real time.
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Answer important mentions first.

Use the filter to reveal negative mentions, answer complaints first, and prevent a possible crisis.
Not all mentions online are equally important. They don't require the same kind of engagement, either. This means, mentions with only positive sentiment or only negative mentions in your feed might be very helpful. For example, with the help of a sentiment tool like Awario, you could at first reply to all burning complaints, prevent a social media crisis (which is a common thing), and make sure your product and your company don't require urgent attention.
When that's done, you can move to positive brand mentions, and comment with "Thank you" to all relevant mentions. You could also sort positive and negative mentions by Reach to see which ones attract the most attention and, therefore, require a quicker response. Negative mentions with bigger reach are more dangerous, while positive mentions with bigger reach are promising: their authors could probably be turned into brand influencers.
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Track the reaction to your marketing campaigns.

Set up an alert for your campaign or product launch in Awario and watch the reaction.
Sentiment analysis tools ensure that you get to know how people react to your marketing campaign, event, product launch, feature update, blog post, or whatever it is in real time. Ongoing social media sentiment analysis makes sure you know if people are positive or negative about it and if you should stop immediately, change something, or keep going. Analyze the sentiment using tools for sentiment analysis and spot any problem as soon as it arises, because, let's face it, people these days say something online before they do absolutely anything else.
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Analyze your competitors' social scene.

Create an alert in Awario to monitor competitors' brand sentiment on social media.
Knowledge is power. Knowing where your competitors succeed and where they fall behind in the eyes of their consumers is vital to building your own marketing strategy and improving your own product. This is why it’s often important to monitor their brand almost as closely as you monitor your own. And the first thing to know is their brand sentiment. A sentiment analysis tool will answer questions such as: Do they get more positive or negative mentions? What are the negative mentions about? Can you reply to some complaints with your own offer? Doesn’t hurt to offer an unhappy customer an alternative, does it?
Discovering competitors' strengths and weaknesses and introducing social selling in a timely manner are the main benefits of sentiment analysis tools.
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Analyze the sentiment behind your brand

Note: For now the social media sentiment analysis is available only for mentions in English. The feature will be added for other languages in the near future.