All social media analytics on one dashboard.

Want to see the big picture
behind your SMM efforts?
Struggling to explain anything about
social media to your boss?
Want to see how the reaction to
your campaign launch unfolds?
We added the Dashboard mode to make
all of this ridiculously simple.
Watch your stats change
in real time.
  • Watch how mentions' growth, reach, and sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) change.
  • Discover locations and languages of your mentions, and notice straight away if anything changes.
  • Know your current most successful sources (Twitter, YouTube, News sources, etc).
Know your current influencers.
Start with the Influencer Marketing when the time is right!
The Dashboard shows you a list of people that have a large following and have mentioned your keyword(s) in the past week (or within any date range of your choice). It guarantees you won't miss out on the influencer mentioning your product.
See the most important mentions straight away.
See the most interesting mentions from the past week (or any other time period you choose) the moment you open your application.
Watch new, important mentions appear in real time.
Get more details in a click.
Wish to see all mentions in a specific language (e.g. only English), location (e.g., only U.S.), from a specific source or of a specific sentiment (e.g., only negative mentions)?
Click on any part of the Social Listening Dashboard, and you'll see mentions of the specified criteria.