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Know what the media says.
Make sure you know whenever your brand, CEO, company, or any other keyword is mentioned on the news site and social media.
Prioritize important sources.
See mentions from only important media sources or see mentions from the important media sources first.
Keep an eye on your reputation.
Watch an ongoing sentiment analysis to make sure online news mentions aren't escalating into a reputation crisis. Get regular emails with news reports to spot important stories in time.
Watch your popularity grow.
See how the number of your mentions changes over time with the help of ongoing social media and news media monitoring.

Monitor what the media says about your brand in real time.

Collect data from all news sites and social media accounts of news sites.
For every brand, it’s vital to pay attention to news coverage around it. It’s an important PR and marketing goal to get mentioned in large news sources, as well as in smaller niche news sites with a dedicated audience. Monitoring online news sources with no automatic help is pretty much impossible. Moreover, you might not even know about some news blogs and social media sources, and, therefore, ignore them in your strategies.
This is when social media monitoring apps come in handy. Use news media monitoring services to set up alerts and get regular news reports on your keywords. Most often, your keyword is your brand, but it’s also useful to track breaking, especially, negative news about your company, app, CEO, and some of your products.
Monitoring your competitors is equally important. A monitoring service lets you know which media coverage your competitors get and will give you ideas for marketing and PR.
Once you sign up for Awario and create a news alert, the social media monitoring tool will gather all online news about your keyword. After setting up news alerts of your choice, all you'll have to do is take a cup of coffee and read news about your brand. The tool will do the monitoring of all of them, in one place, in real time.
Note: News tracking using news media monitoring doesn't include searching for brand mentions on offline newspapers and magazines.
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Read important news sources first.

Sort mentions by Reach to see the news websites with the most traffic first.
Not all online news are created equal. Some sites are generally more important than others because more people read news on these sites. This is why tracking mentions on these sites might be your priority. If this is your case, simply filter mentions by Reach to see the blogs and news sites of your chosen range of influence. This way, you'll see important news stories first.
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Keep an eye on your brand reputation.

Use a social media monitoring app and analyze news on the go to make sure you're not at risk of a PR crisis.
News analysis might not be the first feature to come to your mind. However, when you're mentioned in a lot of news sources, tracking every story and going through it to determine whether it's a good one or a bad one might become too time-consuming. (Although, you can do that in Awario's News Feed any time). You're most likely to get both positive and negative news coverage, and your task is to see which sentiment is winning. Your other task is to make sure there is no escalating negative news: this might be a signal of a PR crisis or of something being seriously wrong with the product.
To see at a glance what kind of sentiment prevails and whether the amount of good or bad mentions is growing, turn your attention to the Awario's sentiment analysis. It shows you good, bad, and neutral mentions of your brand in a graph. You can access the real-time data on the Dashboard. If you've been monitoring the news and social media for some time, go to Mentions Statistics to see how the data has changed over time.
Setting up regular emails will also ensure that you know about any fluctuations in your brand's reputation and will be able to spot a problem in time.
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Watch the amount of your news coverage grow.

Take a look at mentions' statistics to understand where you stand.
Setting up an alert for your brand in our media monitoring app (or any other keyword) will ensure you collect all the statistics of your online news coverage. You'll know whether your coverage grows and what the growth depends on (season, PR efforts, product launches, etc.). You'll know which journalists in which countries cover news about your brand most often and which languages they use. You'll also know the Influencers that have mentioned your brand — this is if you go to the Influencers tab. For news sources, the tab will show a hierarchical list of news sites and news blogs that have mentioned your brand in the past. This will make it easier to distribute future news updates about your brand in the way that brings the most traffic.
To also see social media news and brand mentions that come from blogs and forums, change your search terms. Create an alert that includes searching for brand mentions on social channels. A lot of people take their daily information digest from social media, so monitoring the latest news there might prove useful. It might also lead you to move your brand's news to social channels.
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Frequently asked questions

What is news monitoring and analysis?
News monitoring and analysis means checking news around your business to estimate your brand’s popularity and prevent reputation crises. Also, news monitoring helps to measure the effectiveness of your ads and PR activities, track competitors, and detect new players in your market niche. To speed this process up, you can use news monitoring tools.
How do you monitor news?
Awario seeks out your mentions on news sites and their social media pages. What it takes for search is a couple of keywords associated with your business — brand or product names, CEO’s full name, certain hashtags. The more options you add setting up your query (e.g. you can specify language and location), the more precise results will be.
Can I try your news monitoring tool for free?
Definitely! To see how it can work for your business, sign up for a 7-day Awario trial. It’s no credit card required.