Show your social media monitoring results with gorgeous PDF listening reports.

Awario's reports on social listening, Share of Voice, and Influencers are here to make you proud. They are white label, downloadable, and simply gorgeous. In no time they will show your bosses, clients, and colleagues the value of social media listening tools.
Create reports that show your efforts.
See all of your mentions' statistics
in one report.
Identify your Share of Voice on
social media.
Discover brand advocates and
social media influencers.

Share social media reports in PDF

Share any report with anyone in a click, export all the data you need, and make sure your clients and colleagues understand what social media marketing is all about.
Share PDF reports that show the growth of your brand's mentions on social channels, news, blogs, and the web. Social listening tools make it easy to comprehend the status of your popularity and reputation on social media.
Available in Pro & Enterprise Plan.

Show your social listening results in a white-label report

Don't want anyone to know the PDF report is put together by Awario? No problem, simply change the logo and the brand name to your own.
Creating your own social listening report takes time and effort. Awario's white label reports will have your brand name, your logo, and all the stats you wish to include in custom reports. White-label reports were one of our most requested features, and that's very much justified! If you work at a marketing agency of any size and want to share social media listening reports with the clients, this is perfect for you. To show your results in white-label reports, simply go to Reports and edit the fields that you want.
Available in Enterprise Plan.

Customize your reports

Choose what is included in your reports. Remove widgets, rearrange sections, and add brand new widgets to your reports.
To show only the data you're interested in, customize your reports. Choose bar and line graphs on important metrics for each individual platform among the Most active authors — the ones who have posted your keyword/s the most times, and Influencers — the ones with the large following who have posted your keyword/s. Also, rearrange the sections of the report via the drag-n-drop editor to make the report look just the way you want it to.
Available in Enterprise Plan.

Show Share of Voice in your reporting data.

Benchmark your social media marketing results against the competition. Use a social listening tool to see how many mentions you get compared to your main competitors.
Competitor research is an important part of digital marketing. Measuring Share of Voice shows you how the level of buzz around your brand compares to the level of buzz around your main competitors' brands. Compare your and your competitors' sentiments, languages, countries, sources, etc. to see the full picture. After that, create reports that show this information. This goes well together with measuring and generating reports on the other aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO and PPC. Share of Voice is a powerful metric that can show you the market share of your and your competitors' brands if done right.
Available in all plans & free trial.

Get a full social monitoring report.

Get all social media monitoring stats, from your mentions' growth to their sentiment, in one comprehensive report.
Get a comprehensive, clear, and professional-looking report on all things social media marketing:
1. Measure mentions' growth and Reach stats.
Compare how your brand mentions grow over time, look at how the mentions of a specific product develop, compare the products between each other, find out your mentions' Reach — a metric that shows how many people saw the mention.
2. Discover languages, locations, and sources of your mentions.
Find out where the conversation about your brand takes place the most and what languages does it take place in. The results can be quite surprising and can well turn your SMM strategy around!
Discovering which social networks or other sources (e.g., news and blogs) make up the most buzz around your brand can open new possibilities for you — our reports include this info as well!
3. Measure the tone of your mentions.
Knowing how the number of mentions changes is often not enough. It's great that people are talking about the brand, but are they happy or unhappy with it? What if they are just complaining a lot? That's when mentions' sentiment analysis comes in handy. Awario rates mentions as positive, negative, or neutral, and shows you the graphs to see how this changes over time. Presenting this data makes your social listening reports deeper and more actionable.
Available in all plans & free trial.

Uncover your top Influencers

Discover influencers and brand advocates on every social media platform and work with them to raise brand awareness and generate social selling.
To have instant access to all Influencers in your niche and show this list to anyone, you'll need a report — just like the one that Awario will generate for you.
The report contains the hierarchical list of Influencers, the number of their followers, the number of mentions from each Influencer, and the sentiment of these mentions.
Available in all plans & free trial.
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