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Track Instagram mentions, monitor competitors, and measure your performance across the world’s leading visual social media platform.

Instagram monitoring
Track brand mentions on Instagram
Get notified of every activity about your business on Instagram in real time
Find leads among 1 billion Instagram users
Turn people’s interest in your product into a sales opportunity
Monitor Instagram influencers
Use Instagram monitoring to find the most influential people to build a beneficial relationship with them
Check your marketing progress on Instagram
Check your Instagram stats on mentions, reach, sentiment, language, and key topics in Awario dashboard
Monitor your competition
Follow competitors’ brands to analyze the buzz they generate, and their customers’ likes and dislikes
Brand mentions monitoring

Get your critical social media advantage now with real-time alerts and instant mentions

Track hashtags, and comments on Instagram. Access historical data to find your old mentions. Store mentions in different folders for easy access.

Don’t stop at simply showcasing your products! Carry out contests and giveaways: just introduce a #hashtag and monitor how it unfolds in your Awario Dashboard where you can see all Instagram analytics. Hashtag and competitor tracking are paramount to social media management and Instagram marketing.

Blacklist accounts that you’re not interested in (e.g., your own account if you don’t need your own account monitoring) to get the most relevant results.

Make tracking for Instagram extremely precise with Boolean search: manual search that lets you tweak the tool and monitor Instagram as well as monitor your mentions on other networks more precisely.

Brand mentions monitoring
Efficient lead generation

To track Instagram mentions that are, in fact, hot leads, set up Awario Leads, add product descriptions, and specify your competitors

Efficient lead generation

Our monitoring app lets you track mentions on Instagram accounts that signal that a person is interested in your product, be it a coffee shop or a software.

Your feed will populate with Instagram posts by people who’re looking for products like yours. Research this list, checking for relevant mentions right in the app.

Track Instagram influencers and reach out to them

Use Instagram monitoring app to search for the most influential people on social media and build a mutually beneficial relationship with them

You can reach out on the influencer’s social page or use their personal website that can be usually found in Instagram’s bio. Working with influencers will expand brand awareness and grow your following.

To find niche micro-influencers, track how often they mention your niche, your competitors, and products similar to yours also using an Instagram monitoring app. For example, if, like us, you sell a social media monitoring tool, you need to track tech experts that mention different social media tools, such as Instagram analytics tools, Instagram tracking tools, and, of course, social media monitoring tools.

Find social influencers that already mention your brand and turn them into brand advocates. Use different Instagram tools to create a profile of your perfect influence.

Track Instagram influencers and reach out to them
Control your social media performance

Go to Awario’s Dashboard or reports to see Instagram analytics, such as stats on your mentions’ volume, reach, sentiment, language, key topics, and more

Control your social media performance

Create an Instagram report. For example, easily compare your Instagram campaigns to see which one drove more reach, mentions, and engagement with the Alert Comparison report.

With the help of Instagram API, social listening lets you discover what’s said about your brand or other keywords online. You can also use any kind of filters.

For example, you can perform mentions media monitoring only in specific languages or only in your locations. You can create gorgeous, white-label PDF reports from all your data.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Track Instagram mentions and track mentions on other social media of your competitors’ brands to see how much buzz they’re generating and what their customers like and dislike about your competition

Use Instagram analytics tool to see how your performance on Instagram compares to competitors’ and measure each brand’s Share of Voice with the Alert Comparison report.

Social media listening and social management have boundless opportunities. Copy your competitors’ successful social media strategies, avoid repeating their mistakes, and, when appropriate, use complaints directed at your rivals for your own benefit. For example, comment with your own offer to a user’s complaint. That’s called social selling and it works really well.

Keep an eye on your competitors
Customers about us
The filtering options were very helpful…

The filtering options were very helpful to keep mentions organized and easy to reference. Additionally, the option to download mention data into an Excel file supported the analysis of the data captured by Awario. After the initial learning curve, the software was also fairly easy to use. The educational materials on Awario's website, especially related to using the Boolean searches, were very beneficial when first learning to use this software.

There was a very steep learning curve when first learning to use the software, so it took a bit of trial and error and a decent amount of time to get the hang of things.

Frequently asked questions

Instagram monitoring begins with connecting your business account and adding hashtags to the keywords field in the alert settings panel. Using Instagram API, Awario app crawls Instagram to collect mentions of the specified keywords.

Yes, with Awario you can get unlimited historical data to look at the big picture of your Instagram marketing performance. The historical data are available right after setting up your Instagram monitoring alert.

No, due to Instagram API policy it is not allowed. Awario app monitors only business accounts and hashtags they use.

Sign up for Awario's free trial to try Instagram monitoring for 7 days. Besides Instagram, you'll be able to monitor Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, as well as news, blogs, and the rest of the web.