Introducing Instagram monitoring

Instagram is one of the most engaged social media platforms and also has the biggest brand following. Besides, it recently hit 700 million monthly active users. So we did our best to simplify Instagram marketing and make it even more effective for your business.
Monitor your brand, product or service on Instagram.

Be aware of every complementary or sneaky photo that involves your business. Make sure you react in time to every photographic review you see!

Don't stop at simply showcasing your products! Carry out contests and giveaways: just introduce a #hashtag and monitor how it unfolds in your Awario dashboard.

Partner with Instagram influencers.

Go to the Awario's Influencers dashboard to find people on Instagram with the biggest and most targeted following.

Partner with the right influencers, and you will definitely expand brand awareness and grow your following.

Analyze your progress.

Track mentions' growth on Instagram to know how effective your marketing strategy is.

Compare your Instagram campaigns to see which one drove more engagement.

Improve your photo and video posts based on the results you see.

Monitor your competition.

There is a big chance your competitors have Instagram accounts. Monitor what they're doing there and how effective their strategies are.

Search for your competitors' brands to know what photos their customers take and what they like and dislike about your competitors.

Find out what people say about your brand on Instagram!
Note: Connect your Instagram account to get real-time mentions of your brand, product, or service.