Transform the concept of social customer service

Attend to your customers the moment they need you: provide quick, smart solutions to any kind of issues and fuel clients’ positive attitude with personalized feedback.

Listen & Take Action

Customers talk about your brand on the social media, but you cannot hear them due to the lack of time and tools. Would you like to take the issues they experience with your product off their shoulders and let them give their thanks and WOWs to you instead of the Web infinity? Awario will help you move your social customer care to the next level where your customers are sure that they are heard out and carefully assisted.
Get notified
Relentless monitoring

Whether you are getting your beauty sleep or doing your superhero business tasks, Awario is crawling billions of web and social pages to let you immediately know where the mentions from your customers have sparked, in any language, from any source.

Prioritization by impact

Priority is what you need when it comes to time- management. Awario lets you instantly see the most important conversations first and look into the ones where your customers actively engage when talking about your brand.

Field for feedback

Awario gives you the material, you have to act. Why? Consumers are likely to recommend a brand to a friend and spend more with the companies that engage and respond to customers over social media. Use Awario to answer clients’ questions, follow up on their comments, and resolve their issues. Build relationships with your customers, let them feel that you are there for them.

Up-to-date email alerts

You surely do not want to miss important mentions and delay your response to a customer. Awario has got your back — we won’t let anything impactful slip your attention. Set up email alerts right in the app, and we will deliver weekly or daily summaries of new mentions directly to your inbox.

Encompassing presence

You do not have to be tied to your computer to care for your customers. You can log in to Awario from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and manage your customer feedback from anywhere and at any time.