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The Topic Cloud.

Meet the easiest way to identify key themes within your mentions. Sign up for a free Awario trial and reveal the top themes around your brand:

Discover the context behind your mentions.

It's hard to spot trends and key topics within your mentions without a proper visualization of the data. How do people tend to describe your brand, and how are the top themes changing over time? Enter Awario's Topic Cloud — a visual way to reveal the most frequently mentioned words, hashtags, and phrases within your mentions.
Explore key topics around your brand and competitors.
Which aspects of your product do customers mention the most? Do positive or negative words dominate? Find out what your mentions are really about with the Topic Cloud.
See how your top themes change over time.
Easily switch between date ranges in your Awario dashboard or reports to identify trends and see how what people are saying about you is changing over time.
Get interactive.
Spotted a topic you'd like to take a closer look at? Just click on any word or phrase in the Topic Cloud in your dashboard, and you'll be taken to the list of mentions that contain the word, ready for you to review.
Spot trending topics in your industry before anyone else.
Create an alert for industry keywords, and you'll instantly see which topics dominate the discussion in your niche, and how they are changing over time.
Compare Topic Clouds across alerts.
How do the top themes around your brand differ from competitors'? Go to the Alert Comparison report to see Topic Clouds for up to 3 alerts at a time, side by side.
Delight clients and colleagues.
Topic Clouds are also out in Awario's reports. That means Awario Enterprise users can deliver white-label PDF reports to clients, and let them instantly understand which topics dominate their mentions.
Uncover your brand's Topic Cloud with Awario.