How Seraph created a digital strategy for The Independent Group with Awario

By Ben Hodson, Creative Director at Seraph
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The launch of a brand new political party is not a regular contract for us, but we were delighted when The Independent Group (that subsequently went on to be known as ‘The Independents') asked us to help them launch something really special. It goes without saying that, for a political campaign to engage as directly as possible with the British electorate, the digital and social aspects of this reach are crucial.

The Goals

With a tight turnaround, we were commissioned to create and implement The Independent Group's initial digital campaign that would kick start and then grow the movement. Now, with a social reach measured in the billions, hundreds of thousands of visits to the website, and as many social media followers as the decades-old Liberal Democrats, we consider this campaign to have been very successful.

The Process

Our methodology needed to reflect the group's values and intentions to go about politics differently. Everything we did to ensure the success of the campaign was informed by how the group are setting out to do things differently: from the brand's logo to establishing total transparency for everyone who engaged with the website. Combining our creative insights and experience with the MP's comms teams and a fantastic group of enthusiastic volunteers we created content, media plans, policies, templates, digital and asset platforms and branding elements to deliver a secure and successful digital launch and on-going campaign.

From day one, we used Awario to track the conversations around the campaign (and, more generally, around UK politics), measure sentiment and reach, and identify key trends within the social media buzz.

The Results

Since going live, the group's site has gone on to receive millions of visitors. With a staggering 160,000 users visiting the site on the launch day, the site had over half a million page views within a matter of hours. The site has gone onto engage hundreds of volunteers, collect thousands of sign-ups and receive hundreds of thousands in donations. The social media results Awario helped us achieve were particularly impressive.

Social media reach in the billions

"Awario was integral to our social media success. Despite shopping around as we often do for clients before buying, we found again Awario to be the best way of understanding our reach."

Of particular use was the Dashboard which enabled us to measure our unified social reach as well as the sentiment on all of our posts. The reach was measured in the millions and ultimately billions. We also noticed that the sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, often with double the number of positive reactions to negative.

Building relationships with influencers

Awario also allowed us to find influencers and advocates on various platforms. We then passed this information on to our support team to follow up and connect with them.

In helping our comms team to decide who to respond to and how to handle the overwhelming tide of responses, we used Awario to identify key posts, articles and social mentions.

Staying on top of key trends

We used the dashboard to measure a unified social reach and sentiment on posts, the core accounts, and the hijacked campaign hashtags like #changepolitics. We used the Boolean search to ensure the data and posts we were looking at were relevant to our campaign.

Finally, we monitored the Topic cloud to ensure any new trends or hashtags were reviewed and engaged with where appropriate.

"Awario was brilliant in providing us key insights throughout the campaign and gave us just what we needed without the enterprise costs of competitors."

We handed the campaign over to one of large London agencies, having successfully delivered our part of the campaign for the client. We are currently using Awario with other clients and look forward to other opportunities to do so in the future.

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