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Introducing Google Plus activities

See what happens now that we are partnering with Google Plus.
Every task in SMM requires engagement with your potential customers. And Google Plus isn't an exception!
Now you can easily reply to your Google Plus comments and +1s straight from the Awario dashboard.
In case you were wondering, you could already do that with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Follow, share, and comment to mentions of your brand without leaving your dashboard.

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your existing and potential customers! React to mentions of your brand, campaign, CEO, or any other keyword in a couple of clicks.

Reply in real-time to complaints, thank people for sharing the information about your brand, and answer any questions straight away.

Show your customers you are always there for them!

See your history of engagement with any mention right from the dashboard.

Never forget a conversation you had with the user, and make sure your colleagues are aware of every dialogue that happened before they took over.

Avoid the awkward moment of replying the same thing twice to a frustrated customer. It's easy now that all your conversation history is automatically saved!

Use a different account to reply to different mentions.

Different mentions may require different kinds of attention: yours, your company's, or even your CEO's. But often there is only one person handling all social engagement, and that is you. Don't panic and stop logging in and out of all accounts! Simply synchronize them with Awario, and choose which one to use when replying to each mention.

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