Monitoring your online presence got easier.

Real-time monitoring can get messy. People all over the Web are mentioning your keywords.
How can you be sure you it's the mentions you care about that pop out? Easy!
Meet Awario's new way of working with your mention feed.
Perform any bulk actions.

You can now choose many mentions (or all of them) and delete them, or mark them as "Done" or "Starred" in one click. This will keep your monitoring activity clean and organised.

Only see influential mentions.

We get that you might not care about mentions that won't be read by anyone but their author. To make sure you don't see those, choose to filter by Reach. This will tell the program the range of followers your mentions are supposed to have.

Only see mentions by specific authors.

You can now choose to see the authors that you care about by filtering by the Author. What's even cooler is that you can also filter by the authors you don't care about and delete all mentions from them! For example, you probably don't want your feed to be filled with brand's mentions by your own company profile.

Never see any old mentions.

If you are being bombarded by mentions from three years ago — it's now easily fixed. Choose the start date for your mentions without specifying the end date.

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