We've redesigned!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for Awario.
And we're feeling good about it. Here's why:
A much cleaner dashboard.

No more messy lists and unclear numbers. We've made the dashboard as straightforward as it gets: all real-time mentions in one place, all statistical reports in the other. The new dashboard will help you see the big picture of what your online presence looks like.

Easier to navigate.

We made sure you never have to search for any functions again: the mention feed shows all filtering options straight away, and the hierarchical navigation dashboard mirrors your usual workflow: 1) Create an alert. 2) Adjust the alert. 3) Look up the statistical reports. As simple as that.

Keeps you aware of the limits.

With the new account settings, the info about the limits according to your pricing plan is constantly updated and easily accessible. This means you can plan your social media activities without worrying that you might unexpectedly run out of mentions.

100% mobile-friendly.

You'll never have to manually resize or scroll again — the app adjusts automatically to every operating system and to every device.

See the difference for yourself.
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