Measure the tone of your mentions

Spot negative and positive mentions with Sentiment Analysis for social listening.
You know how much people talk about your brand online. Now it's time to know what they say
without having to read every mention. Enter Sentiment Analysis!
With absolutely no effort from your side, Sentiment Analysis divides mentions into positive,
negative, and neutral
so that you can prioritize your tasks, spot a social media crisis, and asses
the reputation of your brand at any given time.
Prioritize your engagement
  • Filter your mentions by sentiment to see negative mentions first.
  • Spot a possible PR or social media crisis, assist unhappy customers, and react to negative feedback ASAP.
Measure your brand's reputation
  • Look at Mention Statistics to see overall trends and patterns of your brand's reputation.
  • See how the brand's reputation changes over time, and what events affect the change.
Track the reaction to your marketing campaigns
  • Create an alert for a campaign (or an event, product launch, etc) and look at the sentiment report to see the response.
  • Track the audience's reaction to the campaign or event as it unfolds.
Analyze your competitors' social scene
  • Create an alert for your competitor's brand to find out all about their brand reputation on social media.
  • Discover their weak and strong spots. Maybe even reply to the customer's negative mention with your own offer!