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What’s a word cloud?

A word cloud (also called a tag cloud) is a type of visualization that highlights the most important words and phrases in a text or any other dataset. The algorithm of detecting the importance of the words can vary depending on the use case.

What’s a word cloud generator used for?

Use Awario Word Cloud for:

Searching for trends. Since the word cloud highlights the most popular keywords, you can use it for finding trending topics. The downside of the word cloud for this use case is that you’ll need to prepare and optimize your data beforehand. That’s why Awario also offers a dedicated instrument for getting trends from social media and the web — you can start your free trial to see it in action.

Finding patterns in your data. Good examples of this use case are analyzing the surveys replies — be it the feedback from your clients or employees, the word cloud will highlight the most common feedback and will help you detect the main pain points.

Identifying terms for SEO optimization. You can do it by analyzing the best-ranking articles for the terms that are used. Some word clouds will also help you see how often the most common terms are used.

With Awario’s word cloud maker, you will get a word cloud that can be used for any of the cases outlined above. You can create a word cloud by using the free word cloud tool on this page or you can start your free trial to get access to data on social media and the web.

How to set up a word cloud?

  1. First, get your text ready. Make sure you’re only pasting the part that you want to analyze, excluding all irrelevant data. For example, if you’re using the text from the HTML page, make sure you’re using plain text only, excluding all the HTML tags that you don’t want to be analyzed.
  2. Then, type in or paste your text into the text field at the top of this page
  3. Click on the ‘Generate word cloud’ button. You’ll see the word cloud with the most popular keywords in a bigger size and with a higher font-weight.
  4. You can modify your topic cloud by adjusting the fonts and the colors of the background, and the words.

How does a word cloud work?

The word cloud offers a list of unique words or phrases found in several sententces. Awario’s word cloud software highlights the isolated words as well as 2- and 3-word phrases. The word cloud displays only words and phrases used more than once. If all the words in your text are unique, the topic cloud won’t be generated.

Can I make a custom-shaped word cloud?

It’s not possible to create custom-shaped word clouds at the moment, but we plan on changing this in the upcoming versions of this tool.

Can I edit the word cloud?

Yes, you can modify the appearance of the interactive word cloud generator — the font and its color, as well as the background color.

Is the word cloud available through your API?

Awario offers the Insights method in its API that gives access to the word cloud. However, it differs from what you get with the free word cloud maker on this page. Instead of using your text or documents, the platform analyzes social media and the web to generate a word cloud automatically.

You can start your free trial to test the Awario topic cloud.