New in Awario
You've found a mention of your brand. What's next?

All customer engagement in one app.

Find mentions of your
brand, product, CEO
Reply to mentions straight
from your dashboard
Save the history
of your conversations
Every task in SMM requires engagement with your potential customers. To stop you from logging in and out every time you want to react to mentions, we've made it possible to do all social media engagement from a single dashboard. Simply connect your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to Awario (it's very easy to do, we promise), and never get annoyed by multiple clicking again!
Now in Awario
Unified dashboard to engage with your mentions' authors and keep all conversations' history in one place.
Multiple Social Media accounts that can be
switched in a click.

Save yourself loads of time by dealing with
customer engagement from one place!

Like, share, and comment mentions on different Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)* without having to leave your dashboard.

Don't leave commenting for later! Engage with a couple of clicks the moment you see the mention.

All your engagement history is saved.

Never get in trouble for replying to the customer's complaint the same thing you've told them a month ago.
Look through the engagement history with your influencers to check your progress.
Share the account with your colleagues — the history log of all account activities will let you easily synchronize your efforts and work more effectively as a team.

Make your Social Media Management
tasks quick & easy!

Switch between your Social Media accounts
in one click.

No more logging in and out every time you have to share a post from your account, your CEO's account, a corporate account, and a couple of others.
Different mentions require different kinds of attention! Reply from a correct Social Media account depending on the author and the seriousness of the mention.
Don't have an Awario account yet? Create one now!
Commenting, liking, and sharing mentions is now available for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and integration with Google Plus is coming in just a few weeks from now!