Infographic: exciting stats from all major social media platforms

Alina Gorbatch
by Alina Gorbatch on April 26, 2017

Take a moment to appreciate the number of social media platforms. Really think about it. You probably have a Facebook company page and maybe a Twitter one as well. You're not sure Twitter is working for you at all, by the way. But you've probably heard that Snapchat is huge and super-cheap, while Instagram actually drives more sales than Facebook... Then again, you personally only visit Reddit sometimes (besides Facebook, of course), isn't most of your target audience more like you?..

Basically, we know it's confusing. The platforms you're targeting can't be chosen on random: you have to carefully select them based on their demographics and their potential for conversion. And you probably won't have the time or budget to cover even half of the social media platforms. So this post is meant to help you decide where to market based on pure numbers. Check it out. awario-infographics-2017

So helpfully that shed some light on social media platforms. You know the demographics, you know the attitude to brands on each platform (or some of them, since there is no research on everything else yet).

What else is there to find out? You might've guessed it: the attitude to your industry and possibly to your brand. While some are evident (e.g., the popularity of video games on YouTube), some are not so much. So go ahead and set up the alert in Awario for your industry and for your brand, and see how many mentions each platform gathers!

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