The best Twitter analytics tools for a winning marketing strategy in 2023 [Free & Paid]

Anna Bredava
by Anna Bredava on November 15, 2022

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Sometimes Twitter's in-app stats and metrics just don’t cut it when it comes time to put your tweets into numbers. To help, we’re brought together the best analytics tools to boost your marketing strategy, connect with your audience and keep C-level happy with awesome data.

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  1. To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question
  2. Top analytics tools for better tweets — where to start?
  3. Analytics tools: which one should you choose for Twitter?
  4. Top analytics tools: what to choose
  5. Next-level analytics starts here

Twitter has been hitting the headlines recently, but how do you make sure your brand stays at the forefront of everybody’s minds and deliver tangible engagement? Well, it all starts with the data—aka Twitter analytics. And what better place to get started than Twitter analytics? Let’s go!

To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question

Or better yet, the question is what to tweet? And this is where Twitter analytics comes in handy, or, at least it should. On the one hand, it’s comprehensive and full of fascinating data. On the other, unfortunately, there are some challenges along the way to the perfect viral Tweet:

  • You can only analyze your own Twitter posts and Twitter profile, leaving you blind to your competitors, audience, and influencers’ activities. This significantly limits your Twitter marketing opportunities and the ability to understand your customers.

  • No Twitter analytics report will be as customizable as those offered by a dedicated Twitter analytics tool. Designated Twitter analytics tools allows you to choose which data to include and saves you time on making a custom Twitter report from scratch.

Fortunately, the platform’s native tool isn’t the only one out there. Instead, there are special apps and marketing tools that can alleviate these problems and optimize competitor analysis, influencer research, and account analysis on Twitter in 1, 2, and 3.

Top analytics tools for better tweets — where to start?

In this article, you will find a brief overview of free and paid tools that you can use on various social media platforms, not just Twitter. We’ll tell you the ins and outs of each platform so you can choose a few based on your requirements, test them and see which works best for your Twitter analytics needs.

But before we get into all that, let’s go back to basics and understand why you need another service to plan your marketing strategy on this social media platform. To set up a successful marketing strategy for any social media – Twitter marketing is no exception – any business should follow these key steps:

  1. Define your social media goals – for example, increasing engagement, reach, conversions, and customer loyalty

  2. Start your target audience analysis – age, location, hobbies, etc.

  3. Start tracking your competitors

  4. Run analytics to find the opinion leaders – influencers, experts, or even Twitter Topics where recent tweets from your niche are highlighted

  5. When the research and analyzing part is over, you can create and run your social media campaigns

Making a good strategy without analysis is an impossible task. To set goals and test hypotheses, you need various metrics and reports starting from the number of Twitter followers and ending with Twitter sentiment analysis. That's why finding a Twitter analytics tool should be the first step in your Twitter strategy.

A lot of social media monitoring and marketing tools help you improve and map out your Twitter strategy through thorough analysis. It can be difficult to choose just one Twitter tool, but we will help you navigate the world of social media analytics tools and understand the options that are out there quickly and easily. 

Twitter analytics tools: which one should you choose?

A list of likes, comments, retweets, and followers—if this is all you’re seeing from your Twitter analytics, you’re missing the best part. In fact, Twitter analytics can be so much more with the right marketing tools.

Twitter itself has a great variety of analytics tools, and we’ll take a look at those first before we go on to the other eight that I consider the most useful ones out there—but, of course, I’m sure you’ll have some favorite Twitter analytics tools of your own.

Remember! All of these social media analytics tools can become your reliable assistants and allow you to look at Twitter analytics from a new angle. Despite the similarities, they are designed to solve different marketing tasks. Hopefully, you will find the best Twitter analytics tools here!

Top Twitter analytics tools: what to choose

It may seem that Twitter analytics includes just the number of likes, comments, retweets, and followers. However, it is an overly simplistic approach to Twitter analytics which only focuses on native social media analytics. In fact, Twitter analytics can be so much more with the right marketing tools.

Twitter has a great variety analytics tools. I will proceed with those seven I consider the most useful Twitter analytics tools but there are many more. 

All of these Twitter analytics tools can become your reliable assistants and allow you to look at Twitter analytics from a new angle. Despite the similarities, they are designed to solve different marketing tasks.

Hopefully, you will find the best Twitter analytics tools here! 


analytics tool platforms supported pricing

Free Trial

Awario Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, and the web. $39-999/mo 7 days
Tweetdeck Twitter       Free
Tweet Binder Twitter €79.99-349.99/mo A free Twitter analytics report with limited functionality is available.
Twitonomy Twitter $19/mo, $199/year A free account with limited Twitter analytics platform is available. Twitter Free
Tweepsmap Twitter $7-$29/mo Free Twitter analytics features are available.
Followerwonk Twitter $29-79mo A free Twitter account with limited analytics.

As you can see, each social media analytics tool can be quite different and also offer different levels of financial investments. Plenty of choice for everyone.

Now, let’s break down the Twitter analytics tools from this table one by one, look at their most important characteristics, compare them by cost, and figure out which of them compliment your Twitter strategy.


Analyze your audience, find influencers, and compare your brand performance with the results of your competitors.

Awario project dashboard with Twitter Mentions Analysis
Awario project dashboard with Twitter Mentions Analysis

Awario is an easy-to-use tool for everyday social monitoring and picking up social analytics from Twitter. It’s not primarily a Twitter analytics tool as it supports a wide range of social media platforms and websites—but it’s a great start.

You can begin by opening the Dashboard to evaluate your Twitter strategies and define trends worth following in the Topic cloud.   

As a social media analytics tool, Awario monitors your brand mentions over Twitter and converts your mentions stats into detailed reports. You can easily spot an increase in your brand's popularity or Twitter customer requests.

You can also identify your Twitter audience's portrait and discover who they are, where they live, and what they think about your product. With this tool, you’ll also compile your Twitter lists of influencers and analyze their popularity and sentiment. You can reach out to them directly to offer collaboration. 

The alert comparison is a helpful feature for competitor brands’ analysis. You can compare up to 15 mentions to look into your mentions and competitors’ performing the following analysis:

  • share of voice
  • sentiment
  • language
  • gender
  • age
  • geography
  • reach
  • topic cloud
  • influencers

You can also use Awario to measure the performance of tweets in your Twitter account, for example, to collect hashtag analytics during giveaway contests or ad campaigns. Moreover, you can choose any hashtag to analyze and track, and get a full analysis of its usage in publically available tweets.

These content analysis functionalities make it easy to spot Twitter trends early and hop on them.

Also, the tool allows you to monitor and manage comments around your brand on Twitter, so you can quickly reply to positive and negative ones in the app. It makes working with tweets easy by providing a sorting feature and facilitating retweets from the Awario's dashboard.

Additional platforms supported

In addition to Twitter analytics, Awario provides analysis for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, and the web. 

$39-399/mo, annual plans save you 2 months. A 7-day free trial is available.


Build your Twitter workspace for tweeting out, messaging, catching mentions, likes, and trends.  

Screenshot from

Tweetdeck is a useful digital assistant for Twitter publishing and managing your account. And it’s one of the free analytics tools—and who doesn’t love a free tool?!

Initially, it was an independent app. After Twitter acquired it, the tool was integrated into the social media interface and became an alternative to the standard Twitter dashboard with access to your Twitter feed and tweets. The tool is available for you when you log in to your Twitter profile, so there’s no need to go hunting for it. 

Originally, Tweetdeck is more social media management than an analytics tool. You can schedule individual tweets, read your Feed, and check notifications and DMs. The big plus of Tweetdeck is the ability to add several Twitter accounts so you can access the Twitter dashboard from multiple accounts at once. 

The app can replace the Twitter home page for you. However, there is one catch. This Twitter analytics tool is available in desktop mode only. On the flip side, Tweetdeck has flexible settings. So, you can change how it looks, choosing, swapping, and removing Feeds. 

Moreover, the tool provides more than just Twitter analytics is available on the platform. The analytics functionality you can find in Tweetdeck:

  • the number of likes, comments, and retweets to your posts

  • your company, brand or profile mentions

  • the activity of users you are following (likes, accounts they started to follow)

  • trending topics and influencers' profiles by keywords, location, and engagement

  • perform hashtag analysis and find out how popular each Twitter hashtag is

In my opinion, this tool is perfect for creating tweets and monitoring their performance. 

You can also engage with any Twitter account in the app – reply to tweets, send DMs, and even block accounts. It seems Twitter intends to further develop it by adding new analytics features.

Additional platforms supported



Tweet Binder

Monitor the performance of your Twitter account, calculate its market value, analyze hashtags, and build thorough Twitter reports.

Screenshot from

Tweet Binder is a Twitter-dedicated tool that converts various Twitter stats from your profile to a neat and detailed report. The analysis covers different time periods: 

  • last 7 days
  • last 30 days
  • real-time
  • user-defined date range

You can even share reports with your manager or team via URL or Twitter. 

In addition to the standard metrics, such as the number of followers, the tool has some specific ones. For example, you can learn the market and engagement value of your Twitter account or hashtags. These variables count the amount of money your account or how much a hashtag is worth in the market. You can mention it during conversations with macro-influencers you want to work with or use it for monetizing your tweets. 

Tweet Binder uses the Twitter influence algorithm to search for influencers on the platform. You can find them via keywords or hashtags. Hashtag tracker in Tweet Binder can also be helpful to spot relevant Twitter Topics.

This Twitter analytics tool supports Advanced Search for pinpoint results. Tweet Binder shows Twitter users with a high engagement score that have a big and active following.

Twitter opinion analysis is another helpful feature for marketers. It shows what emotions your tweets evoke. You can track this metric in dynamics to detect periods when the tone of your messages changes.

Additional platforms supported



€79-349/mo. You can generate a free Twitter analytics report with limited functionality (up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days).


Track your company and brand mentions, hashtags, or keywords, analyze your followers, and create custom Excel and PDF reports on Twitter.

Screenshot from

Twitonomy can be an effective Twitter analytics tool and a stats-tracking platform when you want to get an in-depth review of your or someone else's tweeting. The tool shows historical as well as recent data. A clear picture of any account activities is ready in a matter of seconds with its easy-to-grasp Twitter analytics report.

Besides classic metrics like retweets, replies, and the number of followers, Twitonomy reveals additional useful data about a given Twitter account. For example, you can see tweets breakdown by hours and days of the week.

Also, Twitonomy calculates:

  • most retweeted users
  • most replied to users
  • most mentioned users
  • most used hashtags
  • platforms most tweeted from, etc.

As you can see, this tool might come in handy for competitive and follower analysis. You can use it for influencers' searches, too. In premium mode, all the data Twitonomy tool found can be exported to Excel or PDF documents so you can easily share the results with your team.

In my opinion, a multi-parameter search is the Twitonomy killer feature and a stand-out among the tools for monitoring analytics and Twitter activities. Using it, you can easily come up with content ideas. Type in your industry keyword to get a total number of posts around it, the lists of most influential, engaging, and active users, and top hashtags. It is a great tool for marketing suggestions testing.

Additional platforms supported



$19/mo or $199/year. A free account with limited Twitter analytics features is available.

Get an express custom report about your Twitter profile, catch popular topics and hashtags on the platform, and analyze your tweeting. 

Screenshot from is a free Twitter analytics tool. Despite the simplicity and the lack of in-depth features, this online tool can be truly useful for this social media management. provides detailed reports about the brand’s Twitter activity. You can also use it to check the reliability of accounts you want to collaborate with. The tool easily detects spam accounts and robots—which add nothing to your brand’s image! collects social analytics stats such as:

  • profile statistics – the registration date, location, language, the number of Twitter followers, etc.
  • hashtags, topics, and your account mentions
  • results of your tweets analysis – replies, retweets, links, the activity time

It allows you to use the tool for competitive analysis as well. You can reveal influencers competitors work with, estimate their tweets' effect (the version of sentiment analysis), and define popular industry hashtags for replication. Easy!

There are links to profiles, topics, and hashtags in the report. You can continue your research on Twitter. For example, follow some interesting accounts, reply to a tweet where your brand was mentioned, or find new spots to improve your competition. seems to be one of the most affordable analytics software on the market. Probably experienced marketers will find it too simple, but beginners frequently use it in their social media marketing. This information is enough to create a draft of your own strategy on Twitter.  

Additional platforms supported





Schedule and post your tweets, analyze hashtags and keywords, monitor engagement, and build a Twitter followers map.

Screenshot from

Tweepsmap is more than a simple Twitter analytics tool. It leans more into the data-driven Twitter analytics analyzer realm. It is a powerful piece of kit for scheduling posts and monitoring any profile’s Twitter activity, and evaluating Twitter stats on the platform. Using it, you will know what works on this social media platform and why. 

The main features of the tool:

  • tweets publishing
  • hashtags and keywords analysis
  • audience analysis
  • influencers searching
  • Twitter community building and analysis
  • competitive analysis

On the interactive Twitter analytics dashboard, you can see a map of your followers. Tweepsmap shows your audience's language, occupation, and gender at the country, state, or city level. You can adjust the map to see the growth of your following by days, months, or years. 

Another helpful feature is brand mentions and keywords analysis by location. It is useful for brand hashtag monitoring as well. Tweepsmap estimates reach, engagement, the number of tweets, and retweets with a given hashtag. Also, you will get a list of influencers with many active followers.

With this Twitter analytics tool, you can analyze competitors’ pages. For any account, Tweepsmap builds an interactive map showing followers’ demographics, most used hashtags, influence distribution, etc. Finding common followers between accounts is available, too.

Additional platforms supported



$14/mo. . 


Gain better insights on how your followers, competitors, and niche influencers perform on Twitter by finding, comparing, and sorting their accounts. 

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that provides a glimpse into Twitter audiences. By utilizing Followerwonk, you’ll be able to expand your analytics capacity and take a look beyond the boundaries of your own business account data, gaining more insights about your followers, competitors, and niche influencers in your industry. 

You can simply find new followers by keywords they use in their bios. Followerwonk will gather all this data into easy-to-read sheets and sort the accounts by various metrics, including names, account age, number of tweets, reach, influence and relationships. This way, you’ll easily access the necessary data and quickly find the people to comment, like, and follow.

With Followerwonk’s User Comparison feature, you can dive deeper into accounts’ details by effectively comparing followers with each other. You can pick up to 3 profiles to find out more about their activities. The metrics you can investigate include engagement rate, number of tweets posted per week, Retweeting frequency, and more. Meanwhile, the Analyze tab (which is a sort of analytics report) will provide you with more insights on each account you pick up. This includes such metrics as followers and user location, most active hours on Twitter, the keywords most commonly used in bio descriptions, social authority scores, and more.

With Track Followers and Sort Followers features, you’ll better understand who your followers are. They allow you to track the stats over some time via handy graphs and charts and find out more about daily growing followers and lost followers, compare the tendencies, and quickly brush away the irrelevant accounts. The two features are especially useful for analyzing your competitors’ performance or searching for influencers who are really popular on Twitter.

You can easily analyze the audiences of your competitors and gain more insights on how to outreach them. For this, you need to identify potential clients by using keywords in their bios. Sort out the accounts subscribed only to your competitors but not to your account, overlap, and compare them to each other. Finally, analyze what they prefer in your competitors in general and which features you’re missing in your brand presentation or product.

With Followerwonk it won’t take long to identify influencers in your industry niche, even if it’s the most obscure niche within a very large-scale industry. Find the influencer accounts by keywords they use in their bios, and analyze them via the Track Followers and Sort Followers tabs first. As you identify the necessary users, get into more detailed analytics in the Compare Users and Analyze tabs.

Followerwonk is an incredibly powerful Twitter analytics tool for businesses seriously tuned to promote their brands on Twitter. It helps to improve follower outreach, create precise content promotion schedules, thoroughly analyze Twitter historical data, better optimize brand accounts to attract more traffic as well as generate more content ideas by getting insights into the most popular and the most shared content on this social media network.

Additional platforms supported



Freemium with a limited access, Target tire allows you to subscribe up to 3 profiles with more access for $29 per month, multitask tire can seat $79 per month with “Loads of Access”.

Next-level analytics starts here

We live in the era of big data. To succeed, manual data collection and cursory analysis of your strategies and performance are no longer enough for businesses. 

Twitter analytics tools automate your routine tasks, make work more interesting and ensure you can place your focus on strategy not routine tasks. After all, why not delegate all the tedious work to clever algorithms and leave the place in your schedule for the more creative part of social media marketing?    

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