9 common questions about Social Media Marketing answered

Alina Gorbatch
by Alina Gorbatch on August 24, 2016

Social media has played a central role in people's lives for many, many years now. It changed the way people acquire information and shook the world of marketing to its core. Yet many business owners and sceptical marketers are only starting to catch up. Better late than even later. Admittedly, though, there is a good reason for doubting Social Media Marketing: it brings many questions with it.

Here I've gathered the most common questions about social media and did my best to answer them in a short and comprehensive way.

#1. Do I really need Social Media?

The answer is yes. Let me explain why.

#2. How to measure ROI in Social Media?

Measuring social media ROI is one of the biggest frustrations of business owners and one of the most frequently asked questions about social media. Fast Company reported that 88% of 750 surveyed marketing professionals didn’t feel they could accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Truth is, social media has direct and indirect effects that are impossible to measure perfectly. But so are many PR and marketing efforts!

While you can't measure all SMM effects, you should still measure the ones you can.

1. Start with setting your conversion goals. That could be:

2. Track conversions.

3. Assign monetary value to each conversion by estimating a Lifetime Value of a Customer.

4. Collect incoming traffic and conversion numbers using Google Analytics. Compare with monetary value of those conversions.

5. Determine cost per channel by adding labour and other costs.

6. Use information from steps 4 and 5 to calculate the ROI per social media channel.

ROI formula

#3. Do I need an SMM manager?

Many business owners are lost between believing they need an SMM specialist and not wanting to pay someone to "just go on Facebook". So first, let's write down what should Social Media Marketer actually do:

questions about social media

What skills should a social media marketer have?

As you can see, social media marketing is a truly multi-skilled field.

So do you need to hire a specialist?

That depends mainly on your budget. It's possible to handle social media marketing yourself if you use the right tools (Social Media Management and Social Media Monitoring) and if you keep it simple. While on-going customer service is still essential, everything else is optional. You can limit your posts to once a day and cover only a couple of major platforms.

#4. What should you post?

social media

You should post relevant content that is interesting and/or entertaining to your potential customers. Sounds hard? It really isn't, if you know your target audience.

Imagine you are selling home and kitchen appliances. What is your target audience interested in? In how all these things work; what coffee maker is the best one; why in the world would you need a rice cooker. Besides, maybe, in recipes, nutrition advice, and so on.

If you are stuck for ideas, you can always ask customers directly what they would like to read about. You can also follow influencers in the niche to get inspired and to share their valuable content. Truth is, the more you write, the more you discover unexplored topics or topics that can be looked at from a different angle.

#5. Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?

#6. How often should I post?

Buffer conducted a study that answered this question very precisely:

#7. What time should I post?

A study by Buffer found that:

This other study found that best times to post on other social networks are:

Keep in mind that times to post depend on your target audience, so do test instead of blindly following the suggestions above.

#8. Can I repost the same content to different social media networks?

Yes! Users would rarely follow the same brand on a number of networks. By reposting the same content, you reach more people. Besides, it leads to network integration: users might find your content on Twitter and later post it on their Reddit/Tumblr/etc page. Moreover, you can post the same content on the same network multiple times, just in case your followers haven't seen it the first time. A life of a Tweet, for example, is only about 5 minutes. So only by posting it 3 or 4 times (on different days and different hours) you can be sure that most of your audience have seen it.

#9. How to handle negative comments on social media?

social media

Do you have questions about social media that are not answered here? Comment below and we'll include it in a future post. :)    

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