How Twitter celebrated Pride Month

Anna Bredava
by Anna Bredava on June 26, 2018

Two topics dominated social media in June: World Cup and Pride Month, and while we’re currently right in the midst of the first one, the latter is coming to an end.

If you’re an active Twitter user, chances are that your timeline was filled with rainbows this month - the world celebrated love and acceptance of LGBTQ people. Using Awario’s powerful analytics features, we’ve gathered all the relevant mentions and analyzed them to see how Twitter celebrated Pride Month.

Pride is BIG

During this month, there were around 368 thousand unique mentions of Pride Month and more than 2 billion people saw them.

Pride is International

Although seen as an American tradition, as you see on the map, there are very few countries which completely ignored Pride Month on Twitter.

Pride took place even on the continents we don’t monitor.

Even in space!

Pride is for Everyone

Pride Month celebrates LGBTQ people, but you don’t have to be LGBTQ to show your love and support.

Even if you’re small and furry...

Or maybe small and not furry.

Even if you would need a very large tank of water to actually come to Pride.

Pride gives us The Feels

If you just look at how many times people tweeted “Happy Pride” at each other, no wonder that the Sentiment analysis in relation to Pride Month was mostly Positive.

And Negative mentions were not at all what I expected to see.

Pride is Influential

Awario’s influencers metric showed us how diverse those who celebrate Pride are: the top ten influencers include Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, actor George Takei, rock band Pearl Jam and even the official Twitter account of National Hockey League.

Pride and Brands

Many brands showed their support on social media, introduced Pride-themed products and launched marketing campaigns dedicated to Pride, which was met with great enthusiasm from their customers.

To celebrate Pride, Oreo posted a gif of their classic cookie painted to represent various identities of LGBTQ communities and, now everyone wants to eat it.

Duolingo gathered examples of the LGBTQ inclusion in their language exercises.

And with the Pride Month coming to an end, Twitter has some piece of advice to share, both practical and uplifting.

All in all, what we found out looking at all the data is that no matter how diverse people are, we all love the same things: delicious cookies, cute puppies and smoochies from our loved ones. After all, Pride celebrates unity and love, and we could all use more of that in our world.

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