Infographic: 5 popular live streaming platforms in 2021

Elena Sinekovich
by Elena Sinekovich on June 10, 2021

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Companies across the world increasingly use live video broadcasting during product presentations and industry events. For now, online streaming is the kind of entertainment for many users as well. In this article, we have compiled the key facts about the five platforms are used the most.

Just imagine that 82% of internet use will be for streaming video by 2022, said Cisco forecast. The popularity of this content format nudges marketers to readjust their promotional campaigns and switch to live video activities.

In the article, we do not analyze paid video hosting platforms with a live feature like Vimeo. It is a separate category of products.

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5 popular live streaming platforms

We will take a look at social platforms that people use daily on their phones, tablets, or desktops to have fun, chat with their favorite bloggers and hobby friends.

There are five popular platforms for streaming:

I used Awario as a social listening tool to complete their audience portrait. 

5 : Twitch, Facebook Live, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, YouTube Gaming
Awario infographic: top live streaming platforms in 2021


*Q4 Live Streaming Industry Report 

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Live streaming is gaining momentum, capturing a big part of the internet audience. I bet your customers watch live videos, too. It means you can diversify your digital campaigns with activities on streaming platforms. In the end, how many of your competitors would buy ads on Twitch?

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