The most popular productivity tool (according to social media)

Alina Gorbatch
by Alina Gorbatch on December 11, 2018

Procrastionation sounds like something that should've been left at the university. Yet, it's a serious issue for many hard-working adults. I'd bet that everyone at some point of their day fall into the circle of anxiety and procrastionation. It's also the lack of organization skills and time management skills, and love for multitasking that hinders people's work. But the good thing is, we are smart. We know our weaknesses and we know we should fight them. That's why productivity apps were developed and became very popular.

To compare and contrast apps, I've taken the ones that are well-known, widely used, and often mentioned in the "top best productivity apps" lists. This is their crush-test against each other on social media. We'll discover which ones are talked about the most, what are the examples of the things people say when they mention these apps, what is the sentiment behind these brands, and so on.

But first, here's a bit about every brand-hero of today's article: 


Todoist is like a post-it note but with dozens of functions. You create a task or a recurring task, set a due date and a priority for the task, delegate the task. Basically, it's a task management app, that no doubt should help you keep track on your tasks, be clear about your priorities, procrastinate less and complete more. 


Trello is also about managing your tasks. It's all about boards, lists, and cards that let you see you tasks in a highly visual way, share these tasks with the team, and keep track of what's done, what's in the process, and what is planned for the future. 


In Wunderlist you also organize your tasks, get reminded when the deadline is approaching, and collaborate with anyone on what you've got to do. 

I compared Todoist, Trello, and Wunderlist since their features have most things in common. Here're the results I got: 

Mentions growth: 

You can see that Todoist wins in the number of online mentions. Its win must be attributed to the spike that happened between November, 29th and December, 3rd.Turned out, ToDoist updated their pricing on November, 29th. 

Basically, that's how it went: 

Alright, we sorted that out, let's continue the comparison. Next stats shows the overall reach of mentions of each tool: 

As you can see, despite that ToDoist had more mentions, Trello is the one with the bigger reach that spiked on December, 7th. The reason for that is that on December, 7th, Crowdfire, an account with 5.8 million followers, mentioned a list of best tools that featured Trello. 

And the comparison continues. Next step: countries.

As you can see, many countries are pointed out as "other". While some are simply not in the top five, most of the "other" folder actually means "unknown" country since Awario collects mentions from Reddit - there are loads of mentions on Reddit! - but Reddit does not disclose the location of its users. Keep that in mind when choosing the countries of your mentions: choose to include "unknown" not to ignore mentions from Reddit. 

Then I looked at sentiments of each brand. In all three cases, there're more positive than negative mentions.

They include things like: 

which clearly show buyer intent and can be used for social selling. Or this:

which would make any founder proud.

Moving on to sources that most mentions come from:

As usual, Twitter proves to be the best platform for promoting and monitoring any kind of software. 


What we can see from the analysis is that:

Trello and ToDoist are similar in terms of popularity. However, for the past two weeks Internet has been talking about ToDoist because they've updated their pricing. This could've meant social media rage and criticism, but sentiment analysis showed none: apparentely, people took the update pretty neutral. Both tools are most mentioned on Twitter by the US users. Trello is also rather popular on News/Blogs and Facebook. Wunderlist is the one that falls behind in the number of mentions and their reach. However, all three don't differ much in terms of the percent of good and bad mentions, which means that while ToDoist and Trello are more popular, Wunderlist isn't worse and leaves its customers just as satisfied with the service. 

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