RingBoost gets new lead generation channels and improves customer loyalty with Awario

Elizabeth Shydlovich
by Elizabeth Shydlovich on December 10, 2020
  1. Company profile
  2. Challenge
  3. RingBoost blockers
  4. Solution
  5. Results

Company profile

RingBoost is the nation’s largest marketplace of custom phone numbers, including local, toll-free, vanity, easy-dial, tracking, and exhausted area codes. The company works primarily with business owners and service individuals who want to be more memorable.


RingBoost was using Google Alerts to monitor company mentions in the media, but the team continuously experienced issues with mentions delivery. Relevant mentions were not coming in. The marketing team could no longer depend on Google Alerts and needed an alternative.

RingBoost blockers

  • Enhancement of lead generation channels required
  • Brand awareness reinforcement needed
  • Response time to be intensified
  • No automation, big manual efforts
  • Dependency on third party agencies


Looking through options, the RingBoost marketing team dived into social listening tools and jumped into a pilot run with Awario. 

1.Instant Alerts on PR activities

The team manually tracked the PR activities, new and those in process. With Awario, they started receiving daily updates on the company and its key personalities, like Ellen Sluder, VP of Marketing, and Paul Faust RingBoost, Co-founder and spokesman. Company and people's names were used as keywords. 

Using Awario, the team could check the PR results by tracking posts reach increase, influencers growth or decrease, and changes in the share of voice. The team did not depend solely on media agency data. They could track it in real-time. It helped to make sure that the agency was not inflating the numbers.

2. Better response rate

Though the Ringboost team could regard itself as a marketing automation adherent, the social media tools they used lagged in response speed and alerts delivery. Awario changed it essentially. As RingBoost VP of Marketing said, "Awario is so much faster. It gets delivered straight to my inbox."

Someone’s talking about us, and I can go and reply to it right away, retweet it, share it. If somebody is saying on social media “Hey guys, I’ve just used RingBoost, and it is amazing”, I can jump in and thank them. So that they know they’ve been heard.

Awario helped the team to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening out there. The tool’s opportunity to go back in time and pick up all web references became beneficial, as allowed to look at the big picture of PR activities made. 

3. Individual Keyword Search Setup

None of the marketing automation tools allowed the RingBoost team to set up an individual keyword search for specific marketing campaigns. With Awario, the team acquired such an opportunity. They started monitoring every campaign they launched. It immensely improved the performance analysis of marketing and PR efforts.

4. Competitor Analysis

One of the marketing strategy components included competitors’ research. With Awario, the team started receiving updates on their activities. The team tracked not only the direct competitors but also of the mindshare competitors like telephone providers who, for instance, we're currently talking about phone numbers. 

“There is a competitor who doesn’t have a customer service you can reach by phone. So, they are doing most of their customer service over Twitter. And I can see what people are complaining about, and say Hey, RingBoost does that,” says Ellen Sluder.

5. New lead generation channel

Analyzing the activities, the marketing team of RingBoost learned that none of their competitors used Reddit for lead generation. This source became a new reference place and a selling point for the company, thus increasing the market share. 


Improved engagement with customers

The response time got better. All notifications are delivered directly to a marketing manager inbox, thus providing the opportunity to handle them right away.

“Nothing is falling through the cracks with Awario. Earlier, with Google Alerts, my coworker would get an alert, and I wouldn’t. There was a feeling of insecurity, and I would be doing my own search for our name,” says Ellen Sluder VP of Marketing.

Enhanced marketing

Awario analytics and activities overview opened a new lead generation source for the team. RingBoost started using Reddit, changed strategy based on competitors' analysis, received the opportunity to manage company outreach efforts, and media agency activities. 

Awario became a way to see conversations people are having on socials, blogs, etc. about the industry, or topics similar to Ringboost's message. It proved to be a great tool for social media ideation. Awario helped the company to stay current with people’s/prospect’s perspectives and provide value in more ways.

Refined time-effort 

With Awario, the team does not need to do the tracking through Google Alerts, which is very time-consuming. The efforts can now be redirected to the content creation, as opposed to tracking the content.

Improved teamwork

Since Awario provides multiuser access, the alerts are always supervised and can be processed by any user while the story is kept for everyone. It empowers better collaboration and teamwork. Mentions will never be left without a response.

Based on a success story by RingBoost.

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