Vimeo monitoring: introducing a new source of your mentions

Anna Bredava
by Anna Bredava on January 31, 2022

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In this article, we introduce the new source of mentions we integrated in Awario - Vimeo! We talk about using Vimeo for marketing and explain how to utilize Vimeo monitoring.

  1. What is Vimeo?
  2. What is Vimeo monitoring?
  3. How does Vimeo monitoring work?
  4. How can brands utilize Vimeo monitoring:

Awario now collects mentions from Vimeo!

From now on, whenever your brand, competitors, or topics you are interested in getting mentioned on Vimeo, you’ll know it! 

Awario analyzes this data and gives you valuable marketing and product insights based on data analysis.

In this article, we want to tell you more about Awario’s Vimeo monitoring capabilities and show you what marketing benefits Vimeo monitoring can have. But before we dive into all the different ways to use Awario for Vimeo marketing, let’s talk about it as a platform and answer the question “What is Vimeo?”.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video platform focused on hosting high-definition videos. The idea behind Vimeo is the platforms where you can upload high-quality videos and show them to your audience without any ads. The platform positions itself as a video-sharing website for creatives where all your works could be presented in the best technical way possible.

Thanks to this, Vimeo manages to separate itself from its biggest competitor — YouTube. These two platforms actually keep different audiences in mind therefore there are many differences between them.

Differences between Vimeo and YouTube

Vimeo Youtube
A platform for professionals and creatives A platform for social video and engagement
Ad-free Lots of ads
Creators pay for video upload (after a certain limit of data is exceeded) Uploading video is free
Milder censorship Strict censorship


All in all, while YouTube is full of vlogs and influencers sharing their daily routine, Vimeo is where you’ll find portfolios, artworks, short films, presentations, and anything else that says “professional”. 

The content is divided into categories and users are able to browse through them to find videos they like. 

Vimeo has a comment section under each video (unless the creator disables it) where you can engage with video creators and other users. In addition to that, Vimeo has the Groups feature which allows you to find people interested in the same topics and communicate with them. 

Groups are communities and conversations around videos and other things that people like. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.

The community on Vimeo mostly consists of creatives and professionals so while it’s more niche than YouTube, there are still many marketing opportunities that Vimeo monitoring can discover. 

Now let’s learn more about Vimeo monitoring with Awario. 

What is Vimeo monitoring?

The social listening analysis of marketing keywords on Vimeo
Awario's Dashboard

As with any other source, Awario finds every mention of your keywords on the platform and puts them in your Mentions Feed. The tool gathers these mentions from videos’ titles, descriptions, comments, and community posts on Vimeo.

You can then engage with these mentions and analyze them. Awario provides a powerful analytics suite that can examine the Vimeo data you gather to find insights on your audience, competitors, and niche.

Here’s what Awario’s analytics can do:

  • Analyze your reputation and brand awareness on the platform. 

    Based on the sentiment of the mentions and their volume Awario can tell how popular your brand or your competitors are on any social media platform including Vimeo.

  • Campaign monitoring

    Awario can monitor the mentions of your video campaign, analyze how people react to it, and where your videos are shared.

  • Trend discovery

    The tool lets you keep an eye on the industry and spot the hottest trends in your niche.

  • Brand ambassadors discovery.

    By monitoring your brand on Vimeo, you can discover influential personalities who talk about your brand or experts for a potential collaboration.

How does Vimeo monitoring work?

Settings for social listening alert for Vimeo
Settings for social listening alert for Vimeo

Similar to other online platforms, Awario finds all the video posts where your keywords are mentioned. They can be in the title of the video, in the description, or even in the comments.

Awario then combines this data and the data from other video platforms and shows you the analytics for all the video posts mentioning your keywords. It’s able to analyze:

  • The authors of the posts: their gender, age, location, and online influence

  • The sentiment behind the mentions

  • The changes in the volume of the mentions

  • And so on. 

This analysis can be used to understand how big is your presence on video platforms (including Vimeo), how popular your brand is, and find opportunities to raise awareness. 

How can brands utilize Vimeo monitoring:

The success of your social listening activities is defined by your goals. Setting the right goal is extremely important. You need to understand why you want to do Vimeo monitoring and how this platform can benefit your business. 

Here are a couple of examples of use cases, where Vimeo monitoring can come in handy for brands, big or small businesses, and marketing specialists. 

Looking for creative collaborators

A list of influncers for Vimeo
Influencers report for marketing

As I mentioned above, Vimeo is widely used by creative professionals. Visual artists, videographers, directors, choreographed, and other creative people upload the fruits of their labor on Vimeo for everyone to see. 

So, if you are looking for creatives for your next marketing campaign, it’s a good platform to monitor. 

I suggest you set up alerts with the keywords related to your brand or the message you want to convey through your campaign. Then look through the mentions and see which creators upload the most video around these topics, and whose work fits with your brand image. Once you come across the creator you like all you have to do is reach out to them and offer a collaboration.

Competitor monitoring 

BMW AD from Andrew Moore on Vimeo.

Lots of brands upload their video commercials on Vimeo — either as an archive or to show it with a higher definition. By setting up a monitoring alert for your competitors, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ ads on Vimeo.

You can see how their advertising strategy develops over time and get notified whenever they launch a new ad campaign. By analyzing the comments on their ads you can discover their successes and mistakes and incorporate them into your own marketing strategy.

Reputation management

Sentiment around marketing videos on Vimeo
Sentiment around marketing on Vimeo

While Vimeo is not the most popular video platform, it still hosts a lot of reviews and opinions on different products. There are even special channels dedicated to reviewing one type of product from different brands.

It’s vital for your company to stay on top of all the online reviews and respond to them. The opposite could result in a reputational crisis — one negative review could be a sign of a bigger issue. A negative review from an influencer could count as a reputational crisis in itself. 

That’s why it’s so important to be in the know and track all the brand mentions across many online platforms, including Vimeo.

Of course, there could be many more cases where Vimeo monitoring can be beneficial, but they will depend on your company. 

If you’re an Awario user you can already check out the power of Vimeo monitoring by going to the app. And if you haven’t signed up for Awario yet, you can try Vimeo monitoring for free right now!

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