Investors Community Bank enhances social media reporting with Awario

Elizabeth Shydlovich
by Elizabeth Shydlovich on June 1, 2021


In this success story, you will learn how to leverage Awario for automated reporting, real-time web and news monitoring, and on-time detection of user concerns.

  1. Company Profile
  2. Challenge
  3. Investors Community Bank Pains
  4. Solution
  5. Results and Improvements

Company Profile

Investors Community Bank is a Wisconsin-based community bank with a team committed to serving the financial needs of businesses, farmers, and families in its markets.  


The marketing team of Investors Community Bank was using a combination of various monitoring tools along with Google Alerts to monitor the conversation around the bank. However, this combo did not manage to bring in all the relevant information promptly in the real-time mode. The team faced the need to search for an alternative to monitor, collect, store and analyze the information in one place at any given time.

Investors Community Bank Pains

  • Lack of a tool for negative response monitoring.
  • Absence of tools to track media relations.
  • Need to create consolidated social listening reports.


The Bank marketing team dived into the search and testing of social listening tools. Having tried various options, looking through reviews and comparisons, the team chose Awario as the most straightforward tool delivering comprehensive data. 

Response monitoring

Being regulated (like all the banks in the US), Investors Community Bank must carefully monitor all conversations around the brand. It is essential to track discussions addressing issues, concerns, and timely respond to them. Since the current set of tools could not manage that, the marketing team switched to Awario.

The quick alert setup launched the instant delivery of all mentions and turned Awario into a helpful asset for response monitoring.

The team started receiving daily snapshots of all communications around the brand, which helped them proactively spot situations that may cause reputational risk.

The mention feed supported with a sentiment analysis graph provided a detailed overview of communications voice and tone. The team sorted positive and negative mentions by Reach to identify which ones attract more attention and require a quicker response or could be turned into a potential collaboration.

With this approach, following the regulations of a banking social media program became significantly easier.

Tracking media relations 

Measuring the efficiency of media relations was the second major task of the bank’s marketing team. 
The previous set of tools posed difficulties for on-time publications monitoring. Some alerts were missed or skipped. The team could not get a comprehensive picture.

Awario fixed that issue and started gathering all mentions around the web, blogs, and news in one place, along with the social media or, if needed, excluding them from the feed.  

Collecting the stats in one dashboard allowed spotting the viral publications and videos. Tracking republished articles and the resources that picked them up allowed calculating the overall weekly and monthly reach.

At the same time, if any of the employees were interviewed by some media resource, the team could track, document, and repurpose the interview.
Topic cloud became a helpful source for defining if the marketing communications cover the topics relevant to the brand strategy.

These activities allowed the bank to maintain its thought leadership on the marketplace and additionally detect influencers for marketing collaboration.

Social listening reports

As all banks are regulated, recurring reports are of primary importance to the marketing team.

Previously, the team created reports manually, which was time-consuming and took a lot of effort. They compiled the info from emails sent by Google alerts and combined it with insights from different monitoring tools.

With Awario, the team switched to automated reports that can cover any time frame and can be adapted to any request due to the flexibility of the report builder. Now the team can provide a short monthly overview of publications made or a comprehensive yearly marketing picture.

Results and Improvements

  • Accelerated response time to negative conversations.
  • Enhanced social media, branding reporting. 
  • Implemented automation of manual routine (mentions collecting, data processing).
  • Set-up process of media reach measurement.
  • Developed clear approach to influencers definition


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