What is Boolean search and how to use it? (cheat sheet)

Alina Gorbatch
by Alina Gorbatch on October 15, 2020

Today I’ll tell you about Boolean search. Boolean search isn’t scary. But, sometimes it looks like it is. Sometimes, it looks like you need a Bachelor in Informational Technology to create a Boolean search query. From this cheat sheet, you’ll find out that all you really need is logic.

Let’s get started!

What is Boolean search?

Boolean search is a manual type of search (as opposed to a wizard) used in search engines. While most searches are done by entering a keyword and waiting for the result (in Google, YouTube, social listening tools, etc.), Boolean search allows entering keywords combined with Boolean operators such as AND, NOT, AND NOT, etc. to produce a more complicated search query.

When is Boolean search used?

Boolean search is used when you require stricter search criteria to eliminate unwanted results. For example, when your brand name is a common word. Also, when you need to do something specific: for example, find all mentions of your brand that don’t contain links to it.

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