Instagram marketing rules for businesses to follow in 2022

Olga Kalachik
by Olga Kalachik on April 5, 2022

Article summary

In this article we’ll search for proof of Instagram marketing efficiency, compare different account types, review which metrics should be measured, what goals can be achieved, and look at the tools which contribute to your Instagram performance.

  1. Why Instagram marketing?
  2. What type of IG account suits best and why?
  3. Account aesthetic: is it necessary?
  4. Goals and Objectives: what do you try to achieve?
  5. How do you do that?
  6. Metrics: Do you measure your Instagram performance?
  7. What tools to use?
  8. To sum up

Why Instagram marketing?

Instagram is a go-to place when you need to entertain your eye or crave a peek at some news from your friends.

Imagine the power of response when your favorite Instagram influencer launches a campaign which fully resonates with you. Even if you don’t need this now, you’d probably remember this for later, retaining the promoted product in your mind. This is what Instagram does for you – it visualizes all you can consume, makes you get inspired and purchase.

What does it do for marketing? Marketing through Instagram creates an unprecedently fast and vivid access for customers, which makes Instagram marketing strategy one of the most efficient among social media marketing techniques. Instagram advertising reach has increased by 20.5% this past year. In 2022 advertising made via Instagram stories is expected to result in $16 billion constituting a significant share in the world’s net ad revenues, whereas 500 million users – thus making it half the audience on Instagram – are looking through stories on a daily basis.

What type of IG account suits best and why?

As we choose to promote our brands or ideas on Instagram, we need to make sure we opt for the right account type. There are personal, business and creator accounts.

Personal account

This is where you can get as comfortable as you need. You are allowed to adjust privacy settings limiting people’s reach. Anyway, this is the only Instagram account type which lets you do so. There are no analytics dashboards, which are only enabled for professional accounts. Apart from this difference, it unlocks practically the same range of posting and streaming possibilities as in other Instagram account types.

Business account

This type is meant for organizations, enterprises, providers, brands of any scale, well-established market players. Their priority is to bring as much people as possible to their websites and make a purchase.

What are these practical features that are added here?

  • The Professional Dashboard, which we have already mentioned. The built-in analytics keeps you aware of your Instagram account performance, or how many users get reached within a specified period, the level of engagement. Using Instagram for marketing gives you tools for creating Instagram ads and for work with branded content to add Brand Partners and Paid Partnerships.
  • Instagram Shopping, which lets a user purchase without leaving the app. About 130 million users shop straight via Instagram.
  • Versatile Call-to-action buttons can be found in Contact options and added to your Instagram Business profile, thus letting potential customers connect with you directly from Instagram.
  • Swipe-up, a dream function for small businesses that haven’t gathered 10,000 but yet obtainable. It lets you add an external link to your Instagram stories and lead an Instagram user to any online store or website, which definitely increases the effectiveness of stories.
  • Features which give your account the required authority, such as Verification and Business information.
Business account profile

Creator account

Create the most unique Instagram accounts with this type! Choose a Category which suits your profession best, enjoy the variety of Call-to-action options which are not that salesy as the Business account provides. Also, you don’t have to publicly share your address or invite people to call you.

The Creator account is granted with inbox filter opportunity. Balance your priorities and privacy – decide what messages you want to be notified about and have them sorted into three folders: Primary, General and Request.

The analytics potential puts your performance into perspective, as it gives you more details than the Business account. You can see daily visitors’ dynamics, you can track down the content which caused the highest peaks and deepest drops in your Instagram statistics graph.

Account aesthetic: is it necessary?

Here we’ll highlight the cornerstone of the successful Instagram marketer facade, it has three components:

  • Concept emphasis
  • Visual presentation
  • Content sequencing

As soon as you decide which type of Instagram accounts you can benefit from the most, there comes another question: how should it look?

Conformity to content posting rules is as important as your profile’s individuality.

Approach it like a musician approaches a new album – a record sleeve welcomes you into the world of meticulously produced and arranged compositions which have logical sequence and are processed through the same set of filters.

Instagram grid aesthetic awario

In other words, you need to have consistency and unity. Think of your color scheme, pattern, theme, general message. For this you need to know your audience. How? We’ll offer you some high quality strategy a few scrolls below.

In case you chose some specific pattern for your grid, stick to it. If you create a professional Instagram account, you’re probably not new to PR strategies and know how to plan your activities.

And be aware of trends! Sure, blind trend following won’t make you stand out from the crowd, but showing you are part of global fun will help you get accepted by more people. Photo dumps, Reels aesthetic, à-la-magazine-shoot filters are among recent trends lots of Instagram users have already factored into their Instagram routine.

Goals and Objectives: what do you try to achieve?

Now let’s take the next step and determine what you try to achieve:

  • find new audience or expand the existing one?
  • increase brand awareness or sell directly?
  • promote new products or a concept?

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s about followers or conversions, Instagram is the right place to score. The platform is the 7th most visited website in the world and can boast with 2.9 billion visits in total per month. Instagram is ranked 2nd among the most frequently downloaded apps.

As for the impact Instagram has on businesses: 90% of users follow at least one business account, every second user discovers a new company looking for new brands on Instagram, and almost half of users do Instagram shopping weekly.

Based on these numbers, we build an optimistic picture and a profitable business, as anyone seems to be able to find its share of audience on Instagram.

So, if you’re aimed at winning attention with an Instagram marketing strategy…

How do you do that?

There is a well-defined strategy behind every potent Instagram marketing campaign.

What to do to become visible and instill trust?

Switch to business

You should definitely switch to the Business account to use the analytics and contact info details Instagram offers.

Use Stories

Don’t overload your followers with stories but let them know that you remember about them, and you communicate at least every day. Fraction your message to make, for example, two or three stories instead of limiting yourself to one image or video per occasion.

Introduce to updates

Keep your Instagram followers updated, show them teasers, how-to’s, make the new functions part of tendencies and current market needs.


Encourage your followers to share photos of them using the product. Let them know that you will be picking some of them and posting user generated content among your company’s publications or adding to your stories.

Instagram business account

Partner with influencers

Instagram influencer marketing via collaborations present you to audiences not just ensuring more impressions but boosting the number of purchases, because an influencer’s word is gold for followers.


Sponsored Instagram posts will bring your content far beyond your followers and are a crucial part of Instagram content strategy. Sometimes it’s the only way to find new people who fit your target but don’t know about you yet.

As your presence will be expanding, you will have to measure your popularity.

Metrics: Do you measure your Instagram performance?

For a company willing to improve its communication with customers and attract unconquered audiences, it is crucial to cover all the areas of influence, including follower dynamics, engagement rate, content popularity, call-to-action efficiency, and more.

Business accounts provide you with a Professional Dashboard. When you tap on it you see Account insights graph showing account reach dynamics within a set timeframe.

Instagram insights

To learn more, press See all to access Insights Overview (which is also available straight via Insights under Edit profile button in your account profile).

Instagram insights overview

Here you can delve into your metrics by clicking:

Accounts reached – see how many of your followers and non-followers were reached by your content and have it compared with the previous period receiving results in percentage. Results are segmented and offer the data on how many followers were reached by posts, stories and videos. Here you can also see the total number of Impressions and general Profile activity: Profile visits, Email button taps.

Instagram reach graph
Instagram content insights

Accounts engaged – learn how many of them responded with an action as well as the amount and type of interactions.

Total followers – discover the increase or decline in the number of Instagram followers. Having over 100 followers allows you to see more detailed info, including where they come from, spikes of activity, etc.

These are the metrics which also include demographics analysis breaking it down to cities, gender, and age. Remember that these stats are available only if at least 100 accounts interacted or were reached.

Content you shared – here you can view all your posted content and analyze the performance of each content type.

Select a category of the content you published and unfold the variety of metrics:

  • For Posts – choose the type of a post on Instagram you want to analyze and check any stats you want from general Reach, Business address taps, Call button taps, Follows to Saves, Shares, Website taps and many more;
  • For Stories – see metrics for Call button taps, Email taps, Exited, Next story, Link clicks, Replies, etc.;


Instagram metric
  • Videos stats offer pretty similar options the Posts offer;
  • For Live videos – check Shares, Reach, Peak concurrent viewers and Live video interactions;
  • For Boosted posts analysis.

Each Instagram metric provides you with the positive or negative percentage to show whether your results have grown or decreased in comparison with the previous analyzed period.

Though, you can get the current rate on any of your metrics. If you curious about the engagement rate of your recent post, take the number of interactions with it and divide it by the total number of followers you had when the post was published, and multiply the results by 100%, for example:

You have 1534 followers, and the photo you need the rate for has 184 interactions. 184/1534*100%=11.99%. The interaction rate of the post is 11.99%.

That’s how any content within any timeframe can be measured and evaluated, including story completion rate and link clicking.

If your statistics is not what you expected, pay attention to hashtags, properly chosen call-to-action, analyze user engagement spikes and dips deciding on the most favorable time for posting.

What tools to use?

Instagram Insights let you assess your visibility and performance. The tools we’ll demonstrate below can do much more. You will know who mentions you and how to find your target audience. You’ll track your links, use hashtags tailored to your specifics and smartly implement Instagram marketing plan scheduling content.


Discovering what people say about your company is the tool’s forte. Awario provides you with immediate response, as its engine begins collecting Mentions about you as soon as you adjust the monitoring settings. Simply create an Alert, name it, fill in the necessary Keywords, exclude the keywords you don’t want to get mentioned in a corresponding field and give the tools more details for a concise search, such as Languages, Locations, Sources and Date range.

When the Alert is created, Mentions are accumulated. To learn the details, you can go to the Dashboard and find out how many people talk about you online and what they say. Also, you can get analytics on the audiences who mention you:
Mentions and Reach open up for you the number of messages you were mentioned in within a specific timeframe and the amount of people who could read them.

Awario mentions report

Sentiment, the most crucial feature to show you how satisfied or disappointed people are with your product or idea, has clickable Positive and Negative tabs: press any of them to see gratitude for your work or detect and mitigate any arising issues. You can change the sentiment manually to positive or neutral in case a message marked as negative doesn’t concern any critics or problems you want to stay aware of.

Awario sentiment report

Awario Dashboard let you see the average Age of those who mention you, Gender, Countries, where you are mentioned, topics which come along your mentions in the Topic cloud section. If you chose several languages when setting the new Alert, you will be able to analyze the percentage of languages in which the mentions of you were made. The same goes about the Sources section if you chose Instagram in the settings, you will only see the mentions on Instagram.

One of the most curious metrics regards specific accounts letting you know about Top mentions and Top influencers, thus showing you the mentions with the biggest reach and the influencers with the biggest number of followers who mentioned you.

Awario dashboard

Pricing: The Starter plan will cost you $39/mo, the Pro – $119/mo, opting for the Enterprise plan will be $399/mo within a monthly subscription. Annual billing will save ou up to 40% each month offering Starter at $24/mo, Pro - $74/mo and Enterprise – $249/mo.

Free trial: Available.


This social media marketing platform provides you with its best practices in planning your content and analyzing performance. It is designed for making Instagram marketing strategy easier and more transparent.

Later allows you to schedule your posts with Auto Publish, saving your time, find on-brand content, so that you’d have to just add some personality to it and publish without losing too much time on finding patterns.

It provides you with profound analytics through after you sign up for Later, you get access to this built-in tool, or a mini website, which becomes enabled right in your Instagram profile. The feature helps you get more traffic – just create your link and paste it to your Instagram bio. You can tag your posts with links as well. You will see which content gets clicked the most.

Later Instagram analytics dashboards vividly introduce you to the details of your performance. The analytic dashboards in Profile overview show engagement metrics, growth rate within a period, the most efficient posts.

Later reach analysis

Detailed post performance elaborates on likes, comments and clicks analysis letting you assess which content influences higher engagement.

Discover completion rate, taps, impressions and reach via Stories analytics.

There’s even a built-in Hashtag analytics, suggesting which hashtags will be the best choice for you.

Later dashboard analytics

Pricing: Later offers the Starter plan for $15/mo, the Growth plan for $40/mo and the Advanced one for $80/mo if billed monthly. You will save 17% if choose yearly billing making it $12.50/mo, $33.33/mo and 66.67%/mo correspondingly.

Free trial: Any plan is available for free for 14 days.


Linktree is a popular tool for social media, especially widely used for Instagram accounts. It allows you to share several links in your profile, thus bypassing the character limits of Instagram bio.

Linktree link creation

Besides linking your profile to any external sources you want, it provides you with analytics and insights into your traffic and content performance. Analytics opportunities differ in plans you opt to purchase and offer a vast variety of features. We’ll review a number of them:

  • Lifetime analytics shows you information about clicks and views, such as click-through rate, average time to click, total unique clicks and unique views.
  • Individual link analytics processes rate and time for any link you choose to analyze.
  • Commerce links revenue informs you of how profitable your Commerce links appeared to be.
  • Commerce links analytics give the insight into what content brings more traffic, analyzes conversion rates, gross revenue, net revenue a link generated, or generated via links in total, and more.
  • Location-based and device-based analytics reveal geography of clicks and devices they were done from.
Linktree click analytics

Linktree offers flexible customization and a huge number of templates to make sure your user enjoys following your links and call-to-actions are always relevant.

The tool is powerful in third-party integration and supports connection with MailChimp, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, TikTok Pixel, Facebook Conversion API and more.

Pricing: Opting for monthly plans you get to pay €12/mo* for Starter, €24/mo for PRO and €64 for Premium. Annual billing will cut the cost leaving Starter with €8, PRO - €18 and Premium - €52.
*The prices are shown in EUR on the official website.

Free trial: Linktree offers a free version unlimited in time, though with reduced customization and analytics features.


Canva is a popular graphical tool helping you keep your visuals professional-looking and maintain your style requiring the minimum effort.

Considering that Instagram is all about images, Canva comes in handy as one of the best Instagram marketing tips and is really simple:

  • Find template
  • Use instruments
  • Customize
  • Download or share
Canva templates

Its Instagram Story maker gives you the variety of templates – just choose one. The next step is to decide which instruments should work on your draft: use eye catching images, icons, graphic elements, frames, shapes, colors and even animation. Canva encourages you to upload your own images and photos to mix them into the output.

The tool allows for collaboration, letting you create stories with your team. Select those who you want to add and work on the design together.

Canva supplies you with multiple templates for your posts making your Instagram feed look all thought-out. It depends on how much you want to participate in the process – get the result in just a few tweaks or process the template through profound customization.

Canva tools

Your design can be done quick and redone in a few clicks with the help of countless schemes and elements as well as drag-and-drop interface.

Pricing: Canva offers plans depending on the number of people who will be using the product starting at 1-5 people and going up to 10, 25 and 50. Custom plan is available.

Pro price starts from €109.9/year (for up to 5 people) billed yearly and €11.99/mo billed monthly, Enterprise – from €27.00/mo, but requires the minimum of 25 people. See more options on the website.

Free trial: Canva is available for free with no limits regarding the number of people. This version will have less templates, designs and less cloud storage space.

To sum up

Opting for the Business account in Instagram is unavoidable if your priority is not only to grow in social media and measure feedback, but also to ensure smooth marketing performance and see your conversion rate increases. Don’t get scared off by the time or effort you might spend on becoming prominent doing marketing through Instagram. The tools we’ve reviewed in this post will cover the main activities Instagram requires from you and will simplify considerably the whole process for you. Embrace the opportunities social media gives and have some fun letting these Instagram marketing platforms bring you results.

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