Slack notifications settings

Responding fast to positive and negative mentions about your business can be table-turning. That’s why, thinking about the need and benefits of reacting quickly, we implemented Slack integration that allows you to receive real-time notifications about what is being said about your brand on social media and the web.

Activate this feature now!

Click on the Settings icon next to the name of your project:

Now, switch to the Notifications tab:

Click on +New Slack notification:

From the menu, choose the alert from which you would like to receive Slack notifications:

Choose the frequency of your Slack notifications:


On the pop-up window, select the channel where you would like to receive your notifications and click on Install:

If you need more information about how to create a channel on Slack, learn more on Slack's help center: Create a channel.

To add Slack notifications for all desired alerts, click on +New Slack notification and repeat the process:

You can also disable the notifications for all mention alerts in just one click: