Truth Social

Truth Social is an alternative social media platform created in an attempt to drop the censorship commonly attributed to social media giants giants like Facebook or Twitter. It was created by a company owned by the 45th US president Donald Trump, and is currently available as a web client and an iOS app.

Truth Social is commonly dubbed a "Twitter clone" due to it's near-identical functionality and interface, and the fact it was built using Mastodon — an open-source microblogging platform that is also positioned as a Twitter alternative.

Truth Social censorship stance

Truth Social has been marketed as a platform with no censorship and no discrimination of any kind, including political views. While no definitive content guideline for Truth Social is available at the moment, the platform is moderated. In some areas, the moderation appears to be stricter compared to mainstream social media — for example, using swear words or hashtags immediately flags your Truth (a post) as sensitive, while any kind of sexual content or language are forbidden outright.

Despite the marketing, Truth Social has been widely accused of stricter censorship. The biggest examples would be any scrutiny of the US Capitol attack in 2021, discussions about abortion rights, or any content that is disagreeing with the platform's accepted narratives.