Limitations of Facebook and Instagram monitoring

Due to the limitations of Facebook's/Instagram's official API, Awario is subject to a number of limitations in both data types obtainable and search parameters. 

Types of data available for collection:

1. On Facebook:

  • Posts and comments made by the business page you’ve connected to Awario;
  • Public posts and comments where the page you've connected to Awario is directly tagged — it can be both a personal and an other business page.

2. On Instagram:

  • Public posts that contain at least 1 hashtag you’ve specified as a keyword;
  • Posts and comments where the page you’ve connected to Awario is directly tagged (@username).

Search limitations:

1. Universal:

  • Private content is not available for monitoring;
  • Personal accounts of any kind (public or private) are not available for monitoring;
  • Direct messages cannot be monitored;
  • User data is not shared with Awario, meaning that the users from outside of business pages you've connected will be displayed only as Instagram/Facebook user;
  • Promoted content/ads are not available for monitoring.

2. On Facebook:

  • Content from any pages that aren't connected to Awario is not available for monitoring;
  • The Whitelist and The Blacklist do not work for Facebook;
  • Any content from FB Groups is not available for monitoring.

3. On Instagram:

  • The Blacklist does not work for Instagram. Note, however, that you can still add the business accounts to the Whitelist to have their name appear properly.
  • Even if the post has a geotag attached, the geographical location of the post is not going to be available.