Limitations of Instagram monitoring

Due to the limitations of Instagram’s official API, Awario is subject to a number of limitations in both data types obtainable and search parameters. 

Types of data available for collection:

  • Posts from the business pages added to Awario's whitelist;
  • Public posts that contain at least 1 hashtag you’ve specified as a keyword;

Please note that private and promoted posts (ads), direct messages, other comments, and reels are not going to be available for monitoring.

Search limitations:

  • You can monitor a maximum of 30 unique hashtags per Business account across all Awario projects at a time. This limit can be expanded by connecting a different Business account to Awario;
  • Private content is not available for monitoring;
  • Promoted content/ads are not available for monitoring;
  • Even if the post has a geotag attached, the geographical location of the post is not going to be available.
  • User data is not shared with Awario, meaning that the Blacklist does not work for Instagram. Note, however, that you can still add the business accounts to the Whitelist to have their name appear properly.