Reacting to mentions from different sources is easily done with Awario. You can reply, like, dislike, share, comment or even follow the author right from the app.

To interact with mentions, first, add your social accounts (or those of your company). You can add multiple profiles for the same source and react to the same mention from various accounts. To add an account, go to the project’s settings by clicking the Settings button next to the project name:

In the Social accounts tab hit the Add social account button: 

Then choose a source to add and click the Connect button. After this follow the log in instructions:

When you click a mention, you will see its preview with the Interactions buttons in the bottom part of it:

If you added multiple accounts for the same source, you can choose which of them to use by clicking the profile pic in the left corner and selecting suitable accounts. Remember that you can use all of them at the same time:

The history of your interactions is stored in the bottom left corner of the preview area. So if you want to look through your history, just hit the Interactions button:

Each of our plans has a monthly interactions limit. While on trial, you have 100 interactions, then it's 1000 on Starter plan, 10000 for Pro users and 100000 external interactions for Enterprise.