How to turn off business account on Instagram?

There's a plethora of reasons one might need to stop using an Instagram business account — rebranding efforts, switching to a whole new page, or closing of business.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows you to easily convert the same page between Personal and Business as required with no extra steps. Here's how you can convert a page back to personal:

  1. Log into your Instagram business account;
  2. Go to the Settings found in the top right corner of the app;
  3. Navigate to the Account menu, then scroll down until you find the Switch Account Type button;
  4. Click on the button, follow the short instructions in the pop-up, and you're done.

After the switch is complete, you will have a personal account once more. Note that all of your insights and promotions data will be removed as well, with no grace period should you change your mind later.