Analytics Instagram

If you're an Instagram user, you know that understanding your performance and growth on the platform is crucial. Luckily, Instagram offers a built-in analytics tool called Instagram Insights that allows you to track and analyze your performance. In this article, we will cover how to view Instagram analytics, Instagram hashtag analytics, and how to see analytics on Instagram. We will also discuss Instagram growth analytics, an analytics app for Instagram, and how to get Instagram analytics.

How to View Instagram Analytics

To view your Instagram analytics, you first need to have a business account on the platform. If you don't have a business account, you can easily switch from a personal account to a business account in your settings.

Once you have a business account, you can access your Instagram Insights by tapping on the bar chart icon on the top right corner of your profile page. Here, you will see an overview of your performance, including your reach, impressions, and engagement. You can also view your analytics for specific posts by tapping on the post and selecting "View Insights".

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

In addition to tracking your overall performance, you can also track the performance of specific hashtags on Instagram. To do this, you can use a tool like, which allows you to enter a hashtag and view its popularity and related hashtags.

Using hashtags that are relevant to your industry and have a high popularity can help increase your reach and engagement on Instagram. By tracking your hashtag analytics, you can see which hashtags are performing well and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Analytics app for Instagram

There are several analytics apps available that can help you track and analyze your Instagram performance. Some popular options include Awario, Iconosquare, and Hootsuite. These apps offer a range of features, including hashtag analytics, growth tracking, and engagement analysis.

How to get Instagram Analytics

To get Instagram analytics, you will need to have a business account on the platform and use the built-in Instagram Insights tool or a third-party analytics app. By tracking and analyzing your performance, you can gain valuable insights into your Instagram strategy and make informed decisions on how to improve.


Understanding your performance and growth on Instagram is crucial to the success of your account. By tracking and analyzing your analytics, you can identify patterns, optimize your strategy, and improve your performance on the platform. Whether you use Instagram Insights or a third-party analytics app, there are several tools available to help you track and analyze your Instagram performance.