Blue check on Instagram

The Verified badge, colloquially known as the blue check or blue tick, is a mark you see next to the Instagram handles of certain accounts. The blue check is a tool to help people find pages of public figures, celebrities, or businesses that were reviewed and confirmed to be the authentic.

Requirements for receiving the blue check on Instagram

While the exact list of criteria isn't public knowledge, it is known that Instagram looks at 4 main factors when determining whether to grant your account the blue check mark:

  • Authenticity — your page has to actually represent the person, business, or organization it claims to;
  • Completeness — the page has to be public, complete with bio and profile picture, and also active at the time of application;
  • Notability — essentially, how well-known and sought-after whatever your page represents is. Organic publications in news sources help with that criterion;
  • Uniqueness — whether yours is the only page representing a given person or organization. Generic and secondary accounts are not verified unless they represent the same person/organization in a different language.

Note that even if your page fulfills all of these criteria, Instagram reserves the right to deny your verification request without elaborating on the reasons.

How to request verification for blue check on Instagram

  1. Log onto the account you'd like to start verifications process for;
  2. In the top right corner of your profile page, tap the three-line button and go into Settings;
  3. Go to the Account menu and scroll down until you see the Request verification option;
  4. You will be required to supply an identification form (government-issued ID or official business documents);
  5. Follow the instructions on-screen, and finally tap the Submit button once done.

The verification process takes up to 30 days, so simply check the Notifications in your account during that time. In case your request is denied, you'll be able to submit another one 30 days later.