Author cards

There is no better way to manage your brand reputation than talking directly to people or getting in touch with influential websites. But before practicing your communication skills, let’s take a closer look at author profiles, both social and business.

Social Media Author Cards

Awario offers different cards depending on the author's platform. Social Media Author Cards, for example, give you a quick introduction of the Author and their potential.

In this card, you'll see the author's details, such as their profile picture, description, location, liked pages, number of followers, etc.

If you have your social media accounts connected to Awario, go ahead and follow these users directly from the app.

Also, it never hurts to keep tabs on these people, so don't hesitate to attach notes that will appear alongside all of the author's future mentions. Then you'll see a history of any previous interactions you've had with them.

Web and News Author Cards

When it comes to web sources, there is no author bio or follower count to give you an idea of the website's credibility. This is why we created a different card for web sources, providing you with all the metrics you need to understand if a website is worth paying attention to.

The card looks like this.

It includes the website's name, author's name as well as their post count (news/blog sources), and contact details such as their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or email.

Then you'll see the influence figure which we calculate based on the domain's authority, such as its monthly traffic and domain ranking stats. Awario provides you with daily traffic as well as the InLink rank, our in-house metric.

Diving deeper into news and blogs, Awario will display top authors of the site, as well as their respective post counts.

The SEO keywords section displays the top 10 keywords that bring the most traffic to that site from Google. It's useful for understanding if the site's industry aligns with yours, doing competitor analysis, or researching trending keywords that lead to that site.