Tagging mentions

When Starring mentions is not quite enough, perhaps you want to apply your own label or tag to your collected mentions and then go back later and find them, which is why we've introduced fully customizable tags.

To tag a mention, just click that little tag nestled inbetween the Done and Blacklist buttons.

From there, you'll be presented with a screen where you can enter in the name of your tag, or create a new tag if it doesn't already exist.

In my case, I've created a new tag to apply to those who I've contacted.

Hit the Create a new tag button to create the new tag, otherwise search for an existing tag from the list.

Hit Save and the tag is then applied to the post.

To find posts that you've tagged, you can either search for the tag in the Quick Search box;

Or apply one or more tags to your search in the Filter Mentions module.

Note, you have the option to search for posts with either any of the inputted tags by selecting Any, or only those that contain all tags entered in the field by selecting All.